Civl unions legislation will get Republican support, predicts outgoing rep B.J. Nikkel

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bj nikkel portrait.jpg
B.J. Nikkel.
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Colorado Independent's John Tomasic quotes B.J. Nikkel, a key vote in almost saving civil unions, who thinks more of her fellow Republicans will come around on the legislation.

Colorado Pols asks: What the hell is Scott Gessler thinking?

Denver Egotist shares new work from Holly Menges for Boulder's minuteKEY.

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Good for you B.J. !

I wouldn't be surprised if secretly , better than 1/2 the Republican Reps could give a shit about the civil union issue all together . It was 'yesterday's' argument and they would like nothing more than to move on but CAN'T !

B.J. is showing a 'bigger pair' by REFUSING to be bullied

and holing true to her common sense beliefs .

Wish more like her possessed the heart of Mrs. Nikkel .

Hopefully it will rub off on some of those who surround her ...


Here's an idea .

We do live in a country which boasts a separation of church & state .

Both clergy men and judges can marry .

Hetros can use a church should they wish &

civil unions may go before a judge or an ordained friend .

Omit the words 'Holy' before matrimony and any other religious references ,

should the marrying couple desire ...


Not any time soon .

Do they believe they will go to 'hell'

for minding their own business and

allowing these Americans to live their

own lives ?

Outlaw inner-racial marriages while

they are at it ....

They will never end their quest for more POWER !!!

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