Blue State v. Red State: Which Colorado do you live in?

red state blue state thumb.jpg
Big photos below.
Colorado is a key swing state in the upcoming presidential election, with polls suggesting a toss-up between Mitt Romney and Barack Obama. And no wonder, since Colorado is a purple state, with nearly equal numbers of Democrats, Republicans and independents.

Still, parts of Colorado are definitely Democratic blue or Republican red. But which ones? And how to tell them apart? By using our handy blue state-red state guide. Check it out below.

hickenlooper elway.jpg

(Blue State) John Hickenlooper vs. (Red State) John Elway

cannabinoids cohibas.jpg

(Blue State) Cannabinoids vs. (Red State) Cohibas

chicken stock show.jpg

(Blue State) Backyard chickens vs. (Red State) National Western Stock Show

capitol peak mt evans.jpg

(Blue State) Climbing Capitol Peak vs. (Red State) Driving up Mt. Evans

Continue reading for more comparisons of Blue State v. Red State Colorado.

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Patrick Purcell
Patrick Purcell

Colorado 2012 compared to Colorado 1980. Colorado is no longer a red state.


I think using Dr. Suess as the imagery to note this election is appropriate citing the fairy tales, exaggerations, and similar impossible "hope" both sides say we will see. I am of Red decent, but am wayyyyy disappointed in how they are responding to obama and his bullshit. Santorum says JUST LAST NIGHT..... "obama is eliminating the work requirement in welfare." Seriously?? Does he not use factcheck????? Or have FB?

Obama has had his faults this election too but im over the whole thing. Its all bullshit. From this fictional war on women" they say were having from mitt, although the truth is that NOTHING on the republican abortion platform has changed since the late 90's. In which time we had a 2 term Republican president.....and guess what....nothing about abortion laws changed either. To Romneys camp continuing to tell us the lawsuit in Ohio is to limit Service people from early voting. I was BLOWN AWAY when I read the fact check on that one..... Obama misquoting Romneys record in Mass and with the Olympics...both side insisting some invisible tax proposal steals from the poor and gives to the rich...and us believing this shit without a shred of proof.  Its all hype and fear instilling.  So ya, VERY doctor Suess on bother sides

Evelyn Maria
Evelyn Maria

Neither vote for who will destroy our country less!

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