Denver City Council votes to put de-Brucing measure on ballot

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Denver City Council had an action-packed agenda last night, giving final approval on a ban for any outdoor advertising for medical marijuana dispensaries, voting any police-brutality pay-out, and giving the go-ahead to put a measure to de-Bruce Denver on this November's ballot -- exactly twenty years after Colorado voters passed the Tabor amendment.

The measure asks Denver voters for permission to keep and invest $68 million the city currently credits back to the public every year; voters would still be able to raise taxes.

After the measure passed (11-1), Mayor Michael Hancock issued the following statement:

"I applaud my colleagues for their overwhelming support of this bill and for giving Denver voters the opportunity to eliminate the city's budget deficit, recover from the recession and restore essential services that have been cut over the past four years. I also want to thank the business and civic leaders, including former Mayor Guillermo "Bill" Vidal, who stood today in support of a better future for our entire city.

"Nearly every other municipality and school district in Colorado has taken similar steps to help their local economies grow out of this recession and it is time Denver does the same. This proposal is part of a fair, balanced and reasonable approach to eliminate Denver's budget gap and restore city services to our children, open libraries full-time, replace aging police and fire vehicles and repave streets that haven't been resurfaced in two decades."

We hope to have a response from Douglas Bruce, the father of the Taxpayer Bill of Rights amendment, later today. Stay tuned...

Mayor Michael Hancock took his cabinet out into the community this weekend, read about Hancock's visit to Rude Recreation Center here.

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If the business treat their customers RIGHT and

NOT sell 'Tumbled' bud at semi-reduced prices,

they wouldn't need to resort to worthless advertising !

It's not like they have hard bodies in swim suits out waving

to the passing cars.No. They look as if they reported to work straight from

the methadone clinic.

Fletcherneedsajob topcommenter

Doug Bruce has harmed this State long enough. Time to get rid of his short-sighted tax policy and make better decisions for education and infrastructure. 


If the voters eliminate TABOR you can bet on the fact that Mayor Whoremonger and the asshats at the Denver City Council will go hog wild with spending. If you thought the state MMED went overboard with leasing 24 brand new SUVS, just you wait until all restrictions are removed on these local clowns.


I don't care how many times Mayor Whoremonger tents his hands in front of his mouth to try to look more intelligent and concerned about the issues, he is still a crook and a fraud.

RobertChase topcommenter

Remove all taint of Doug Bruce from our laws -- immediately we replace the corrupt administration of this City!

RobertChase topcommenter

 @Fletcherneedsajob Do you propose that the people now in charge of those enterprises are making "better decisions for education and infrastructure"?

Fletcherneedsajob topcommenter

 @RobertChase What I'm saying is that without TABOR they will actually be able to make decisions, rather than being locked into a rigid system. Whether they do or not is up to them. Fingers crossed.

RobertChase topcommenter

 @Fletcherneedsajob Their behavior is egregious enough to postpone de-Brucing.  "Fingers crossed" to me seems an instance of doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results -- Einstein's definition of insanity!

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