Five biggest fakers in recent Colorado history

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Former stolen valor arrestee Rick Strandlof has been many people in his life...two of whom were completely fabricated. But he has never been formally charged with profiting from his personalities -- nor is he the only person to have spun tall tales to change his life. Click through for stories from Strandlof and four other fakers who made headlines when they were found out.

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5. Timothy Oliver
Right before Independence Day, Oliver told the Durango Herald about his extensive military service -- which hawk-eyed readers immediately saw through (and commented on).

"Timothy Oliver, a Georgia boy by birth, spent years with the Special Forces in Afghanistan hunting bad guys in hideouts in the night," the article reads. "He says he sees the faces of the men he hunted, the villagers he found massacred and mutilated by jihadists and the friends he lost. He takes large quantities of Valium but does not sleep. Still, he says he would not take back the five years, three months and 34 days he spent in the military."

But when asked, after claims of inaccuracy arose, to provide his DD214 (the paper that comes with release from the military), Oliver refused and told the Herald it could print a retraction. In the end, the Herald couldn't track down any paperwork that would back up Oliver's story and instead published a follow-up piece under the headline "Stolen Valor?"

While Oliver's story might have as many holes as Swiss cheese, he didn't lie to the Herald about winning any military awards, so he's free from prosecution on that count should any Stolen Valor Act replacements arise.

Click through to keep counting down the five biggest fakers in recent Colorado history.

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You forgot the "Baloonboy" !


Patrick Sullivan !


Josh McDaniels !

The # 1 has to be Tebow at QB !!!

Kris Custer
Kris Custer

It is even sadder that one of your staff agrees with me


I was conned out of $1500 by a guy named William Smith Jr. this past March 2012. I was in a hurry to move but was excited I found a reasonably priced loft to rent at 31st and Blake St. in Denver. William posed as the owner of the loft, took a $500 deposit from me and $1000 for first months rent, gave me the keys and everything was looking great. The day I moved in, the place was a complete mess so I ended up spending the day talking with neighbors and investigating who the real owners were. I contacted them and it turns out William Smith Jr. was their tenant and had not paid rent in over 3 months. He was stupid enough to leave behind all types of receipts, mail and documents. He has an Aurora company registered in his name- DMC Plus 1 LLC dba 70/70 Cigars.

I called the police, picked his face out of a lineup and Detective Todd Ondrak helped get a warrant out for William Smith Jr's arrest. Unfortunately I have not heard anything from the DPD regarding the case though I hope they find the scumbag. I'm now paranoid about any big purchases and working on building up my savings again. To anyone that knows him- holler at me!

Kris Custer
Kris Custer

You forgot most of the staff of the Westword, excluding Breathes, pretending to be journalists.


HA! Says the guy who helps stage events in order to try to get his Youtube videos viewers. You are phony snitch who like many activist works with the cops because you think it will make you famous. RIGHT WINGER in disguise. You still support white dominance?



With an address,

I personally, would have shown up w/ friends before EVER calling the police.

You have a better chance getting your money back and or even........


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