GIFs: Top eight sign-spinning moves city council could stop for medical marijuana dispensaries

sign spinner gifs vertical.jpg
GIFs below.
Tonight, despite a lawsuit threat, Denver City Council is expected to ban outdoor advertising at medical marijuana dispensaries -- a move largely motivated by dislike of MMJ sign spinners. Yet as outlined by Kelsey Whipple's recent feature "Spin City! Denver's sign spinners want you to give them a twirl," sign spinning can be an art. As proof, count down eight Whipple-created GIFs demonstrating different spinning techniques. Will they convince council to give spinners another chance? Decide for yourself below.

8. The new guy

7. Around town

6. Corner crawl

5. Behind the back

Continue through for more moves.

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Nice to see you guys making fun of people losing their jobs and bullshit over regulation. They will come for magazine advertising next... Karma will be a bitch


@DenverWestword Memes maybe, but no GIFs

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