James Holmes being evicted: Guess those bombs broke his lease

james holmes apartment.jpg
Holmes's building.
Yesterday's court hearing for James Holmes, at which his attorneys repeatedly said their client is mentally ill, wasn't the only court proceeding involving the accused Aurora theater shooter.

As seen in a document on view below, his landlord is also going through the formal process of evicting him...for reasons that are all too obvious.

Not only is Holmes accused of murdering twelve people and injuring more than fifty others during a midnight screening of The Dark Knight Rises at the Aurora Century 16, but his apartment, at 1690 Paris Street, was filled with explosives. Aurora Police Chief Dan Oates said the devices were rigged to kill.

Photo by Dave Herrera
The scene from the apartment complex as seen on July 20. Holmes lived in the top left-corner apartment.
To put it mildly, these offenses are a lot worse than not cleaning up after your cat. But nonetheless, the procedure for evicting even a heinous mass murderer is not much different than it would be for infinitely more mundane matters. The document filed by Holley Realty and Management LLC on behalf of Mark N. Tschetter and found by the Denver Post follows a familiar template, blandly declaring that Holmes has "defaulted on the lease or contract by failing to pay rent or amounts required under the tersm of the lease or contract and/or by failing to comply with the terms, conditions, and.or covenants of the lease or legal notice(s) and/or demand(s) concerning their occupancy of the premises."

How so? The document states: "In particular, you murdered numerous individuals, materially and substantially damaged the premises, and booby trapped the premises substantially endangering property and person. You have been charged with and are facing prosecuting [sic] for multiple felonies in connection with your illegal activities."

Adds attorney Victor Sulzer, who represents the management company, in a conversation with the Post: "The bombs were an endangerment of property and other tenants."

Hard to argue with that logic. Yet there's something strangely reassuring about Holmes being told he can't come home again in a pro forma manner. Now he'll have to rely on the state to provide him room and board -- something his attorneys are working to make permanent rather than temporary.

Here's the eviction notice.

James Holmes Eviction Notice

More from our Aurora Theater Shooting archive: "Aurora theater shooting: Neighbors of James Holmes forced to leave apartment building."

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RobertChase topcommenter

Holmes' murders are not germane to his eviction and his eviction is not germane to much of anything else.


His apartment is still a crime scene, right? So the management can't just go in there and get his stuff, right? Do they have to wait until the scene is cleared by the Aurora Police department?

All of the important objects have already been taken out, so it just really leaves clothes and whatever furniture that he brought in.

And I'm so sure that he's crying over the fact that he won't get his deposit back, lol...

Josh Davidoff
Josh Davidoff

No shit westword... i love how you are glorifying james holmes. Maybe we can encourage the next generation of mass murderers huh?

Dave Shuck
Dave Shuck

^^ and yet you read and comment still. Westword doesn't care that you agree or disagree with its content, only that you read. Mission accomplished.

Ben Beeby
Ben Beeby

Westword Reporter, "Wow 24 hours behind the news cycle, should we let this stupid story go?" Westword Editor, "hell no I get paid by the click."

Katie Rotvold
Katie Rotvold

This isn't news....he's in jail. He can't pay hid rent. He would be evicted regardless....

DonkeyHotay topcommenter

 @RobertChase It fills up a few column inches of the newspaper's daily need for copy ... slightly better than the Top 10 Lists -- each item on a separate page -- that WW is rapidly degenerating into.


Modern "journalism" is a race to the bottom, to capture the lowest common denominator of the American public, the inane Tweeters and drooling Facebooking fools -- the classic Jerry Springer audience.


That's where Madison Ave. has the easiest time shooting the most fish with their ad $$.


The new Liveyre comment system is specifically designed for such vacuous pandering.

michael.roberts moderator editortopcommenter

 @mbenjamin3032 Yeah, I think the damage deposit is history. Thanks for the post, Mbenjamin.

DonkeyHotay topcommenter

 @mbenjamin3032 Whatever stuff he did leave behind will bring $$$ when offered on eBay to the collectors of ghoulish trivia.

RobertChase topcommenter

 @DonkeyHotay True, but it's not polite to insinuate that Michael is swimming in this cess; we must expect journalism from him and regard this piece (and a dozen or so others which immediately spring to mind) as mere aberrations -- surely he will attack government corruption and incompetence again soon.



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Hell, they are even naming themselves after you.

At the VERY least, write up a manual for losers and sell it on Ebay.

Offer FREE Denver, local shipping.

DonkeyHotay topcommenter

 @KYS. Oh, so you check in to keep count of my posts, even replying to them ... but don't actually read them, eh?




 @DonkeyHotay I don't have to read your posts to see how often you are on here, moron.


But hey, keep being that guy who bitches about the newspaper he can't put down. You come across as completely sane, trust me.

DonkeyHotay topcommenter

 @KYS.  ... and yet you spend a HUGE part of your life over the last year or so reading my posts to this blog.


How lame is that?


 @DonkeyHotay ... and yet you spend a HUGE part of your life over the last year or so reading and posting on this blog.


Sweet life, loser.

DonkeyHotay topcommenter

@RobertChaseReality Fail.


Michael takes his marching order from above, and is charged with filling the daily blog void with a minimum number of web pages, regardless of the quality of content, and adhering to the new Web 3.0 format of inane, vapid, easy to read fluff and puff, filled with oversize images and photos to create the appearance of "content", in order to generate multiple page views without requiring the "reader" to spend much time actually reading.


Hence the widespread popularity of internet "Top 10 things" idiot lists ... each item on a separate page, even though the entire list could easily be published on a single page -- 10x the page views = more ad $$. The new focus on the tapping into the millions of drooling fools infesting Twitter and Facebook.


Low-hanging fruit is easiest to pick ... and sells for the same $$.


Being that Michael is charged with DAILY content, there is no way he can invest the time, energy and effort to create the old-school investigative journalism that Westword was famous for when they had an entire WEEK to work on a single story.


What's lame is that they give William Breathes an entire week to "review" a single pot dispensary when -- if they were going to actually continue to try and milk that dead cow and being there are 400 dispensaries left -- that feature should and could easily be a DAILY item. Then it would only take a little more than 1 year to review them all, instead of the projected 7+ years.


Journalism is DEAD -- it's all about pimping page views now.


Fact is, The National Enquirer, Daily Mail, and other low-grade sensationalist exploitative tabloids have always made MORE $$ than honest journalism.


Ain't America Great ?

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