Medical marijuana dispensary review: At Home Remedies in Denver

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Like the working-class neighborhood where it's based, At Home Remedies is more function than fashion. The mudroom-turned-waiting room at the front of the house is furnished with scrolled antique furniture with a loud, gaudy and awesome 1970s-style white floral print, and AstroTurf is liberally used as flooring both there and down the front steps.

At Home Remedies

4735 West 38th Avenue
Denver, CO 80212

Hours: 11 a.m. to 7 p.m., seven days a week.
Other types of medicine: Hash, BHO, edibles, tinctures, medicated drinks.
Online Menu: Yes.
Handicap-accessible? Yes.

Other thrift-store items adorn the shop, including a collection of vintage lunchboxes in the small hallway cubby between the waiting room and the tiny bud bar and office area. A large shellacked Bob Ross-style painting of a blue, orange and yellow ocean sunset on a large chunk of wood like you would win at a cut-rate carnival hangs behind the vintage counter. One of the owners told me she loves collecting strange antiques from flea markets and garage sales.

All the place was missing to complete the Raising Arizona-esque motif was a velvet Elvis portrait hung prominently above the edibles counter in the former dining room, Jesus candles grouped together on a windowsill, and pink flamingos decorating the lawn. Even my budtender looked the part, dressed in his half-buttoned Hawaiian shirt, questionably dark tan and shiny necklaces. He resembled a used-speedboat salesman in Pensacola or your party-time uncle a few hours before his annual trek to a Jimmy Buffet concert.

All of which was cool with me. Unpolished, vintage thrift-store kitsch is pure Americana, and At Home Remedies has it down whether it's intentional or not. The herb, on the other hand, could use some old-fashioned work.

The bud bar takes up what was formerly the living room of the house, with a fireplace on one end of the space and a small dining nook off the other; that's where the shop keeps all of the ganja food and BHO. Edibles from Dr. J's, Rocky Mountain High, Bens and Dixie are kept in a wood-and-glass antique display cabinet. The shop doesn't have an infused product license, but it sells wax from a third party called Goldmine. The week I was in, the focus was on half-grams of Golden Goat shatter oil.

The two people working that day were both owners. But instead of hovering over me and pushing deals like employees at some shops do with new patients, they were laid-back (as the ambience would suggest) and let me scope out the entire stock at my leisure. Which took me all of three minutes, because there weren't many strains on the shelves, and what remained was down to the jar bottoms -- including a half-eighth of Flo still up on the shelf for display.

Other strains varied in quality. The Headband looked scraggly on the stalk, and though it featured the stacked calyxes it should have, it lacked the traditional nose-tickling lime-rubber funk. Same for the jar labeled OG Kush. But others showed promise, like the Qrazy Train and Killawatt, which had a sugary finish to the smell and chunky, full buds. The center also had an AK that could have used at least another week flowering but otherwise had a spicy, enticing odor. Members pay between $25 and $30 an eighth and up to $180 an ounce, tax included. Non-members pay about $5 more on the small end but are still capped at $180 an ounce.

My budtender told me the shop sees lots of patients in the neighborhood every Monday and Wednesday, when new product arrives. Apparently if you're not there in time, the pickings are slim. Good for them in terms of sales, but the rush in sales also seems to mean rushing flowers out to the shelves and sacrificing some quality that could easily be attained otherwise.

Out of the meager selection I was still able to pick indica and sativa strains worth a closer look at home and a half-gram of the Golden Goat wax just to be safe.

Page down for strain reviews and photos.

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At Home Remedies

4735 W. 38th Ave., Denver, CO

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DonkeyHotay topcommenter


MMIG members ?


State MMED License ?




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 —Thomas Jefferson, in a letter to William Stephens Smith, November 13, 1787


Fortunately we are left with one last peaceful avenue for change: Jury Nullification.


Jury Nullification is a constitutional doctrine that allows juries to acquit defendants who are technically guilty but do not deserve punishment. All non-violent 'drug offenders' who are not selling to children, be they users, dealers or importers, clearly belong in this category. 


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Glad you found a dispensary actually selling what looks to be decent herb under $200 an ounce.  Hope you start finding this commonplace.  Maybe dillweed and robertchase will fill us all in on where they're getting these $100 high-quality ounces.


Marijuana is a very healthy food if taken as an edible, not smoked. There is a great $2.99 e-book on medical marijuana: MARIJUANA - Guide to Buying, Growing, Harvesting, and Making Medical Marijuana Oil and Delicious Candies to Treat Pain and Ailments by Mary Bendis, Second Edition. This book has great recipes for easy marijuana oil, delicious Cannabis Chocolates, and tasty Dragon Teeth Mints.


DonkeyHotay topcommenter



This the same Thomas Jefferson that bought, abused and raped his Negro slaves?


Apparently, Prohibition of All Freedom for Negros was OK by him.





During alcohol prohibition in the 1920s, all profits went to enrich thugs and criminals. Young men died every day on inner-city streets while battling over turf. A fortune was wasted on enforcement that could have gone on treatment. On top of the budget-busting prosecution and incarceration costs, billions in taxes were lost. Finally the economy collapsed. Sound familiar?


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