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Cannabis might not be the cure for my stomach condition, but it sure helps.

This week I stopped by Cure Colorado Dispensary to see if they had anything on the shelf to sooth what ails me.

Cure Colorado Dispensary

6200 East Yale Avenue
Denver, CO 80222

Hours: 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Saturday, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Sundays.
Other types of medicine: Hash, BHO, edibles, tinctures, medicated drinks.
Online Menu: Yes.
Handicap-accessible? Yes.

The shop is in a very discreet location, on the corner of a tiny strip center tucked back in a wooded parking lot along Yale Avenue. The center shares the building with an insurance company, whose sign on the marquee out front is easier to spot than the low-key one Cure has put up below it.

I was let in the door by a tall, skinny dude with an Afro pick stuck in his 'do and a big smile on his face. He led me over to the receptionist desk, where I handed my paperwork to a Samoan-looking dude with his long hair pulled up on top of his head into a huge, curly poof. His accent made it seem like he's spent more time on a beach than a mile high on the cusp of the Midwest. A budtender I spoke with later told me the dude was their grower and he is, in fact, from Hawaii.

The reception room isn't much larger than the desk sitting in the center of the space, so I took a seat in a chair next to it so I wouldn't hover over the dude as he was working. The three of us shot the shit for a minute while my info was loaded into their computer, making it feel more like visiting friends than a clinical, sterile medical setting. After the owner copied my paperwork and ID, I was sent back to the bud bar. "Cousin," as the grower called him, walked me back and joined a woman with a badass tattoo on her leg to help me make my selections.

The bud bar is a somewhat unique setup -- a chest-high, long, U-shaped center counter with openings at the end near a wall where all of the shop's goods are shelved. Herb is kept in massive and heavy multi-gallon glass apothecary jars scattered at different levels along the shelves and mixed in with cannabis-related products, from icewater-extracted hash to blunt wraps and edibles. The budtenders will pull down any jar you want to see and plop it right in front of your face on the counter.

cure inside.jpg
Not as many jars on the shelf during our visit.
But due to bad timing, the shelves during my visit looked nothing like they do in the picture to the left. Unfortunately, Cure was down to just three jars filled with their in-house strains -- Jack Flash, OGP and FLO -- all on the top shelf. The lower-priced strains on the bottom shelf were all purchased from other shops, so I didn't really pay them too much attention other than peeking at the scraggly, outdoor Super Silver Haze and catching a whiff of the not-so-hazy hay. The budtender I spoke with on Thursday of this week told me the center had been running low and would be back up with full stock in a week or so, though. Herb is capped at $30 an eighth or $200 an ounce for top-shelf, and the lower-shelf stuff was going for $25 an eighth and $175 an ounce.

Appropriately, the shop specializes in Hawaiian-based strains like Maui, Banana and OGP, or Oahu-Grown Pakalolo, with its pineapple-fruity smell and bright-orange pistils (pakalolo is Hawaiian for crazy weed). Like a lot of the state's flora, cannabis isn't native to Hawaii. By most accounts, ganja made its way there in the early 1970s, brought by mainlanders moving to catch the island vibe of surf, sun and Aloha. In the time since, though, Hawaiians have become known for fruity, organically produced sativa-dominant strains.

The Flo ended up beating out the Jack Flash for the other top-shelf bud I brought home, mostly because the Jack lacked the unique candy-haziness it should have had. Otherwise, the buds weren't bad, but I like my buds to stink properly.

As for hash, Cure carried a few different strain-specific types ranging from $10 on the low end for mixed blond hash to $20 for grams of "full melt" (more on that later). No BHO, though the dispensary normally stocks Moon Rock-brand waxes for $25 a gram. The edibles selection was decent, though hard to pick out among all the other paraphernalia, including blunt wraps and papers mixed in on the shelves. Cure does carry the new CBD-rich Cheeba Chews for $10 a chew and had a freezer full of ice cream from Dixie Chills.

The shop also sells clones of its strains, including the OGP, and has a room set aside with a few on a folding table under a grow light to choose from. I didn't get a super-close look at anything, but there were no obvious signs of nastiness like webs or spots on the fan leaves.

The flowers Cure had in its garden were clean, and the $200/ounce cutoff on everything makes it easy on the wallet as well. I want to say the shop was a solid find -- but it's hard to really tell what CCD can do when the selection was down as low as it was. It's at least worth another visit once the shelves are stocked.

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Cure Colorado

6200 E. Yale Ave., Denver, CO

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Love your reviews, and I usually find them spot on. This one I found interesting. I've been to Cure once before, in search of some affordable meds. Everything about the experience with the budtenders (or at least the kid with the afro, and the big Hawaiian guy who were the ones there that day) and the shop is absolutely spot on.However, I checked out the buds decided that they looked worthy of a try and picked up an ounce of the Blueberry and an ounce of the Flo.  Then I got back home, being in pain, I instinctively loaded a bowl of the BB and just before lighting it decided to check it under the scope as is S.O.P. from new places. Everything on the 3 nugs of Flo I checked looked pretty fine. The blueberry however showed baby spider mites on almost every nug I checked.I don't know if perhaps their BB is bought in rather than grown in house or what, but that's a no-no in my book either way. I turned everything into oil and filtered it through .2um filters to remove everything as a salvage to the wasted ounces, and the oil was not bad; but not amazing in flavor or outstanding in potency.

Hopefully they've corrected the issue, and your review seems to indicate so, but I'm still weary of any store that has/had/ever-had mites.... or at least for a long while....


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BackOffImStarving topcommenter

I love your reviews, Will.  Would you ever hold a contest where the winner gets to chief a bowl with you and hang out?  What about a Ganja Decathlon?  There could be high jump (4-footer or greater), sprinting (first to smoke a gram), long distance (maybe smoke a half oz), synchronized swimming (best creative joint smoked in an aquatic environment), gymnastics (vaporizer push-ups), power lifting (who can lift the biggest hydro reservoir), table tennis (beer pong, but with nugs), floor exercise (best interpretive dance after completing one of the other events), shooting (throwing stems into a jar 10 feet away), and tae kwon do (there's one bag of Doritos left, and all competitors in every other event must battle to the pain for it). 

BackOffImStarving topcommenter

was that 10?  fuck it... I'm going to go smoke a bowl.


 @DonkeyHotay Who gives a fuck what Bob Chase said? I've actually read the fucking bill and know you are full of shit.

DonkeyHotay topcommenter


"Amendment 64 would not stop unjust imprisonment for cannabis, legalize cannabis, or regulate it like alcohol."

-- Robert Chase


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