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This dispensary has closed.

After weeks of waiting and building social-media buzz, the Golden Goat has finally reopened in the space formerly occupied by Green Door Wellness -- which always looked like a nest of old Deadheads had taken over an abandoned East Colfax building near a grow store and started selling weed out of it. We stopped in this week for the grand opening to check out the improvements and finally get our hands on some of the Goat's already acclaimed herb.

The Golden Goat

7801 East Colfax Ave.
Denver, CO 80200

Hours of operations: 9 a.m. to 7 p.m., seven days a week.
Other types of meds: Edibles, hash, BHO shatter, seeds.
Online Menu: Yes. (Prices shown are for non-members.)
Raw marijuana price range: $8-$15/gram, $30-$50/eighth, $200-$360/ounce.
Handicap-accessible? Yes.

The biggest component to the shop's transformation is in its grow rooms, now headed by a relatively well-known grower who goes by the name Tierra Rojo. You can read more about him in this High Times profile, but in short, the guy is known for putting up some amazing genetics and growing them out to their utmost potential. The Goat is also home to his seed line, New House Seeds, which produced the Red Headed Stranger, the second-place winner at the last Denver High Times Medical Cannabis Cup. My budtender told me that seed packs sell for $45 for non-members, although I couldn't reach anyone at the shop after my visit to confirm how many were in each one.

The outside of the center doesn't look much different than it did, but gone are the massive tie-dye tapestries which had hung in the Colfax-side windows -- a huge improvement, in my mind. As you would expect on a grand-opening week, the staffers were in a good mood and very welcoming when I stopped in. A smiling secretary took my paperwork through the safety-glass window in the secured entryway and had me fill out a single page of paperwork before buzzing me back through a locked door to the main area.

The building has been closed for the last few weeks, with construction crews working to revamp the space, from updating the grow facilities to a completely renovated patient waiting area and bud bar. Well, almost completely renovated. The shop is currently in construction limbo; half-finished walls are more the norm than not, and the newly laid tiles have a nice coating of drywall dust on them. But the shop has enough completed to get by for now and still serve patients.

There's no art on the walls yet to give the place any atmosphere, but the black-wood-and-glass cabinets that make up the bud bar, mixed with the stark-white walls and gray tiles, give the space a simple, understated coolness anyway.

The Golden Goat has set up two stations at the bar to serve patients, so I didn't have to wait on the woman ahead of me to finish up her purchase. Instead, budtender Joe saddled right up to the bar, gave me a welcoming speech and then got down to business, pulling out his top picks from the sativa side. Bud is kept in one cabinet, with different quality levels designated by one of three shelf locations. Edibles -- mostly candy bars and other sweets from Edi-Pure, Dr. J's and Healthy Creations -- were in another cabinet. The concentrate selection was slimmer than I expected, though. The center had blended bubble hash, kief and leftover BHO shatter from before the shop's conversion.

Herb is broken down into four price and quality ranges, from the bottom-tier discount strains selling for $30 an eighth for non-members all the way up to $45 for the two or three rare, top-shelf strains on deck. Members get all herb knocked down a price rung and are capped at $40 an eighth.

The $30 lower shelf was full of some quality buds worth checking out, including a solid Ghost OG that was really only lacking in the smell department, a crystal-coated Willy and a chunky strain dubbed Rocky Ford. I didn't get a closer look at the latter, but I'm going to assume it's a Cantaloupe-like cut based on the name alone.

As I expected, nearly all of the fifteen or so strains on the middle and top shelves were drool-worthy. The selection is also very well balanced, with heavy sativas, hybrids and indicas all well represented in the display cases.

We started out with a funky-named cut, Pootie Tang, that the budtender said was his favorite, adding that he had been waiting on it for the last two weeks. I can see why, thanks to its instantly attractive, fully developed flowers, sugar-coating of amber trichomes and beautiful dark greens and purple coloring. Up next was the jar of Indiana Bubblegum that was easily the best-smelling example of Bubblegum I've come across. The heavy fruit undertones mixed to create a nearly perfect match of old-school pink Big League Chew gum. On the heavy indica end of the cabinet (the left side, for those of you wondering), I was impressed by both the Couch Lock and the Pure Kush, which my budtender assured me would put anyone to sleep within fifteen minutes of smoking them at bedtime. Also worth noting were the 50/50 hybrid P-Funk buds, a peppery and earthy Jedi Kush and a very white White OG. (For great recent photos from the garden, check out the Golden Goat's Facebook page).

Joe was a great budtender and was able to talk a lot about the strains -- including their genetic history and the medicinal effects they were likely to have -- without getting too pot-nerdish or technical. I ended up sticking around the $40 strains mostly out of preference for the genetics being offered than anything else. Some of the $35 strains could have easily been top-shelf as well. Member pricing gets you about $5 off on the per-eighth price all the way up to ounces, which run for $200 for bottom shelf, and the mid-$200s for the mid- and top shelves. A little on the spendy side, but nothing too outrageous.

Until you get to their elite strains, that is.

Golden Goat sets aside a few highest-quality strains each harvest, and they've got equally higher pricing to match: Non-member cost is $15 a gram, $45 an eighth and $360 an ounce. Granted, the center only had three strains at that level when I was in and a lot more to offer at reasonable prices. But, holy balls, is that high. I wouldn't have ever paid that back in my days of black-market dealings, let alone now, with prices as low as they are from private caregivers and other dispensaries.

I understand appealing to a connoisseur market with unique and one-of-a-kind genetics from Tierra Rojo himself. I have no doubt that some people will pay that. And, yes, I have to say that the funky Hanis, earthy Royal Kush and hazy Highway Man were phenomenal strains, and I really wanted to take them home -- just not at that price. True, with member pricing as a first-time customer, I could have brought them home at the $40 price tier -- but times are tough, and I just couldn't bring myself to drop that much more coin.

That said, this is a shop worth considering as one to sign up for your primary center (if you don't already have a private caregiver doing it for you). Doing so gets most everything down to more reasonable prices for what is otherwise excellent medical cannabis.

Continue reading to see what William Breathes did take home this week.

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What is it with you dopes asking for WB to get copies of state licenses? He's reviewing medicine, not playing detective for you lazy idiots who refuse to do the work yourselves.


If you all are so worried about the license, why don't you either go to these shops and ask for it, or file a complaint with the MMED?


Oh yeah, because then you'd have nothing to complain about around here. Donkey, your trolling is childish and obnoxious. Don't you have better things to do than act like the [Westword] Village Idiot?




Everyone Else

Dan Roghen
Dan Roghen

sounded like the review was bought and paid for as much detail in it as able to remember without giving away who you are to them.... And the subtle hints very easy to see giving it away......

Jason Garrison
Jason Garrison

Just finsh some from there...and no it dosent live up to the hype


Pootie Tang is LA Kush x Tang Tang.  The name just came from the Tang Tang I guess, we all love that awesome-ass movie and were dying to use it in something, mostly.Not going to be low on concentrates for long -- big Essential Extracts and Top Shelf Extracts drop will be happening next week I believe. 


Please post a copy of your state MMC license. Thank you.  And shame on WB for not asking, again.



    Thank you for coming to our store and writing a review on The Golden Goat. We are very proud of our new meds and the facelift we gave to our store. Don't worry, we have strain specific concentrates from Top Shelf Extracts here very soon. Please stop by again and we will be happy to get you a taste of our black label top shelf meds on the house. More great things to come from The Golden Goat and New House Seeds in the future. 


Thanks for the great work and the review,



The Golden Goat Team

DonkeyHotay topcommenter


"He's reviewing medicine"


Idiot -- he's reviewing the DISPENSARY, as per his own assertions, hence all the inane observations about the decor, furniture, ambiance, clothes the budtenders are wearing, location, hours, etc.


He has an obligation to not send unwitting readers -- "patients" -- into known hazards or dangers, as when he reviewed the EXPLODING shatter oil from one dispensary and was concerned enough about patient safety to have lab testing done on that unknown substance.


He reviewed the Silver Lizard dispensary just weeks before they were criminally indicted in a massive illegal drug operation -- and felt obligated enough to report preemptively on the observation that State DOR Investigators had been at the place a few days before the actual indictment/raid took place.


Deep down inside Billy Breathes actually does care about other "patients", though sometimes he likes to play cool and pretend he doesn't.


He's finally come around to the self-serving fraud that is MMIG, and he's bothered to at least attempt to obtain the license list from the DOR.


If WW isn't going to verify that a Dispensary is properly licensed in good standing to sell drugs, they might as well start reviewing Individual Dope Dealers from Colfax to Nederland ... if it's only about "the medicine".


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