Medical marijuana dispensaries giving free Vape-Pen to chemotherapy patients

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Medical marijuana advocates say THC is especially effective when it comes to reducing nausea for people who have cancer and are undergoing chemotherapy. Now, The Clinic and Flower of Life are offering a way of delivering that substance free of charge to medical marijuana patients on chemo -- with the owner of Vape-Pen, the company that makes the gadget, underwriting the giveaway for the rest of this month for very personal reasons.

The Vape-Pen is a personal herbal device that dispenses what's essentially liquid THC -- and Michael Wachtel, the company's owner, had an opportunity to test its effectiveness under difficult circumstances. According to Wanda James, a longtime medical marijuana industry figure in who's involved in what's being called the Chemotherapy Patient Project, Wachtel was diagnosed with testicular cancer in 2010, undergoing several surgeries and six months of chemotherapy before being declared free of the disease.

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The Vape-Pen.
"He understands personally the devastating effects of cancer treatments," James says, adding, "Michael was able to use the Vape-Pen when he was actually on the chair receiving chemotherapy. That's why he's invested and become part of the company -- because it really got him through months and months of not feeling well. And he's putting his all into it."

The program works like this: Throughout August, any medical marijuana patient with proof that he or she is on chemo can stop into any of the six Clinic locations or Flower of Life in Boulder and receive a Vape-Pen kit, valued at $55, at no charge. They can also purchase their first indica or sativa Cannamizer -- the THC -- at a 50 percent discount.

Should the demand be high, James adds that the promotion could be extended -- because "Michael wants to give the same kind of relief he experienced to people who are undergoing the pain he went through."

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This is so great am alive to testify the good work of hemp oil and its miracle healing.

In April 10th 2012 i was diagnosed of breast cancer and bone cancer when the doctor told me it was already too late for me, that i have only ten months on earth to live. I shared tears and all hope was gone thinking that i will just sleep and go just like that.

My mom came to visit me in Serbia two months later and bought me some hemp oil product saying  that it works well on cancer, ever since she told me about the benefits and encourage me to use the medication. I have been on treatment for the past 4 months now which was the required treatment plan for me.
Last week, I went to hospital to do my test and to God be the glory my cancer was not found there anymore. I have been cured with Rick Simpson hemp oil which my mother had bought for me.

My family in forever grateful to Rick Simpson Cannabis Oil.

Last week my mom gave me his email and phone number which i contacted him in person and thank him for the life saving. Below information.


It's weird that Wanda James would be promoting this obviously solvent based marijuana derivative given her alleged hatred of solvent based extractions.


I bought one identical to this last year. I LOVED the concept and everything about it, my only problem is that the cartridge didn't work. I took over 30 puffs multiple times and never felt a thing. I returned it 2x for new cartridges, laughed at the bud tender trying to tell me it was a different type of feeling, and finally returned it. You couldn't even refill it yourself. I am not sure if the above one is refillable or you have to buy it every time from those MMCs. 


It is only worth it if you can fill it yourself with your own oil. 


Thanks Michael,  for the info.

It kind of looks like the electric cigarette

I just began using recently.

If I take on THC other than by smoke,

I often get the 'noids'. Hopefully this is different.

I'll let you know next week...


Nice product but you can still go to jail if you use one within a thousand feet of a school,  in a home that a school bus drives by, or downwind from any child of school age.

This Tool uses no scientific or exact measuring procedure to gauge the individual dosages which are determined by the amount of air sucked in times the amount of specific pressure by your lungs versus the amount of intake and the THC content of the strain used in the Cannamizer. Of course if the Cannamizer has been on the shelf for awhile then who knows how effective the dosage will be.


So to just hand this over to a Cancer patient and say '"go for it" is hypocritical of being strictly a Medical Provider when this is obviously a device that has no accurate way to determine or prescribe dosages. The Truth of the matter is the The Thin Line between Medical Marijuana Patients and Recreational Marijuana Users will not have to be clarified when Pot is LEGALIZED!




Interesting. I wonder if it's like the electronic cigarettes, turning synthetic nicotine mixed with flavor additives into water vapor. Or if it is an extract from weed, like hash oil. Will they have different strengths, mild, medium and full flavor/effect? What else is in it? If they let you toke while in the hospital, that's great, I had to hide my weed brownies while at the hospital. I know because it's not regulated they don't have to disclose the ingredients, and I doubt they want to give their recipe away, but I would like to know more. Their website is similar to the electronic cigarette websites, 100% natural but.....what does that mean?

DonkeyHotay topcommenter

 @Won_Leg It's not paranoia if they really are after you ...



RobertChase topcommenter

 @Budd_Jones There is no need to predetermine dosages; the device administers an absolutely non-toxic drug for the symptomatic relief of nausea -- patients use it until they have accomplished that.  The Vape-Pen seems a useful tool to relieve nausea rapidly and permit chemotherapy patients to continue to eat.  Such systems may be capable of estimating the delivered dose of THC, but this will drive up their cost and no useful purpose would be served -- patients can meter their use subjectively.


You and Donkey are so intent on grinding your axe that you cannot even acknowledge the obvious utility of the Vape-Pen, but cannabidiol and other cannabinoids can cure some cancers and should be being vigorously investigated for efficacy in treating cancers directly.  Cannabis's lack of toxicity and its anti-emetic properties have already established it as an important medicine in oncology, but its status as contraband hampers its appropriate use.  The prohibitionists perverting science at NIDA are not able to prevent the truth about cannabinoids role in inducing apoptosis in many cancers from coming out.  Cannabis is medicine!

DonkeyHotay topcommenter



You pointed out yet another gigantic flaw in the current AMATEUR show that is "medical" marijuana -- No Dosage Specificity or Consistency


Fear not -- if the DEA ever reschedules marijuana from Schedule 1 to Schedule 2 or 3, it will be the immediate END of all amateur dispensaries -- as the new scheduling will mandate that ONLY PHARMACIES can dispense it, and ONLY after FDA approval for efficacy, safety and consistency of production down to the milligram level from a DEA / FDA certified pharmaceutical manufacturer... and Physicians will have to prescribe specified dosages and chart the patients consumption and results.


Rescheduling Marijuana would DESTROY the MMJ industry -- shhhhh ... don't tell the DEA.



DonkeyHotay topcommenter



They are e-cigarettes -- but with diluted hash oil cartridges instead of nicotine cartridges. They -- like e-cigarettes -- use low heat in the battery powered atomizer to create the vapor, which is below combustion temperature.


But no, most hospitals won't knowingly allow you to use them except in designated areas -- if they have any -- or outside.


Same as with Airlines that don't allow use of e-cigs on the plane, but many airports do not have specific policy against them since they are "smokeless", so you can use them in most airports for now.


However, if the user is discrete -- and not an obnoxious puerile pot clown -- you could get away with using them just about anywhere ... until the selfish pot / tobacco addicts ruin the privilege with their puerile behavior, causing laws and regulations to be created restricting their use.




My first two words of my comment ..."Nice Product".  I have used a Vape Pen personally. However I will accept your expertise without rebuttal.

Since The Clinic,  Flower of Life, and Vape-Pen are all sincerely concerned about the well-being of all Medical Marijuana patients, and hopefully not just profitability,  why not extend this offer to all MMJ patients who seek rapid relief from Nausea and the ability to continue to eat. Why not make this offer to all MMJ patients?


I would like the rapid relief from my nausea and increase my appetite.

I've got testicles but no I have to wait until one fall off?

Is this not the industry of  "compassion"  and "kindness"?

Why is that one year ago the cost of an ounce of Medical Marijuana averaged $400 and now its $200?

The Clinic has six locations, the highest prices, and the quality is no different than the dispensaries that offer 30 varieties at a flat rate of $25 an eight. In a situation such as this patients can once again exercise their subjectivity on the quality versus the cost.


Furthermore...restore the  integrity of the industry and demand Lab Testing for cannabinoids, THC content,  the  absence of fungus or molds. Post the results on label.

One dispensaries Top Shelf is another dispensary''s Shake.



I support and encourage legalization, the right for Colorado dispensaries to continue to operate hassle-free, and the same for private caregivers.





DonkeyHotay topcommenter

 @RobertChase "cannabidiol and other cannabinoids can cure some cancers"




Do tell, what cancers does marijuana cure?


Be specific, show your work, Dr. Chase.



RobertChase topcommenter

 @Budd_Jones Sorry; most of that should have been directed at Donkey.


The existing system of regulation serves the perceived need to regulate the sales of cannabis in preference to patients' needs.  Testing and labelling requirements would benefit patients, but have been hampered by the misdirection of resources by the State and Federal interference.  The General Assembly's scheme to distribute medical cannabis is distinctly non-medical, regulating it like alcohol, gambling, and tobacco.  The CDPHE continues to resist the People's determination that cannabis is medicine.  State interference in the constitutional model followed by caregivers operating dispensaries prior to July, 2010 has not benefitted patients.


Had these institutions accepted the will of the People, dispensaries might be more medical in character, and patients would already have better labelling, if not lower costs.  I believe that most patients and their caregivers agree with me that their interests are best served by legalizing the adult recreational use of cannabis.  To the extent that there is a Federal quid pro quo for medical as opposed to recreational cannabis, patients are best served by maintaining that distinction.


Considering both the need to develop cannabis as a medicine and the imperative that Americans' civil rights be restored, we would best be served by the repeal of SB10-109, HB10-1284, and HB11-1043 coincident with the licensure of existing MMCs to sell cannnabis to all adults contemplated under Amendment 64; this way caregivers can reenter the retail market, and MMCs can pursue real profits.

RobertChase topcommenter

 @DonkeyHotay Visit and look at the four case studies.  These may not be conclusive proof that cannabis cures even squamous cell carcinomas, but they are at the very least provocative evidence.


You apparently do not understand that our laws and institutions have long succeeded in subverting science for political purposes.  The only hypotheses that the government has been interested in researching are those consistent with prohibitionist prejudice against cannabis and other recreational drugs.  As long as NIDA, ONDCP, and the DEA's purpose is to suppress the use of cannabis and other recreational drugs, objective understanding of them suffers, government-funded research of these drugs in the US is misdirected, and good science does not get done.


Cannabis should be being used as antineoplastic agent in oncology now, as well as a palliative one; time will tell what natural or synthetic  cannabinoids will be found useful in the treatment of cancers, if political conditions allow it.  No one is sggesting that simply smoking cannabis cures all cancers -- some are convinced that high dose oral preparations of natural preparations of cannabis (e.g. Phoenix Tears) can cure many.  I do not split the difference -- I simply tell you that the science suggesting an important role for cannabis in the treatment of cannabis is already extant, and more is being learned despite the interference of our goverment.

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