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missy franklin closing ceremonies cropped.jpg
Big photos below.
Like pretty much everyone else on the planet, we've been following the story of hometown girl turned Olympics idol Missy Franklin, who's now the proud owner of four gold medals and one bronze.

Fortunately, she's made doing so easy by sharing plenty of messages and photos via her Twitter feed -- and she did so again before and after yesterday's closing ceremonies at the London games.

Some swimmers didn't stick around for the wrap-up to the Olympics, given that their events were over around a week earlier. But Franklin, who seems to be savoring every moment of the experience, wouldn't have missed it for the world, as she notes in this tweet.

missy franklin closing ceremony tweets 6.jpg
Then came the preparation for the big show with Breeja Larson....

missy franklin closing ceremony tweets 1.jpg
...and Kara Lynn Joyce, identified here by her Twitter handle.

missy franklin closing ceremony tweets 2.jpg
Clearly, the team that won so often has grown close over the course of the past seventeen days....

missy franklin closing ceremony tweets 3.jpg
After the ceremonies, Franklin weighed in with this breathless mini-report....

missy franklin closing ceremony tweets 4.jpg
...followed quickly by this.

missy franklin closing ceremony tweets 5.jpg
The above pic is the only one she's posted thus far. But she's got plenty of time. The 2012 Olympics may be over, but we've got a creeping feeling her Olympic experience is far from over -- and the same can be said for her time on the podium.

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Juan_Leg topcommenter

Don't get me wrong or anything,

but I'm nearly tired of hearing of this girl.

It's either Holmes or her.

Uh, might I remind WW we have a future HOF

at QB this season and there's barely been a


Grimey Gatsby
Grimey Gatsby

someone needs to lay off the bottle - Russel Brand as Willy Wonka..and Fatboy Slim.....c'mon London - you didn't even have DJ's spinning for the a "meeeeh plus" from our office

James Paull
James Paull

Was wonderful, till the coverage ended so abruptly by NBC and they delayed the end of the show

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