Video: Missy Franklin on Today show gives shout out to the Rowdies

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Video below.
Missy Franklin's races in the 2012 London Olympics are over, but her victory laps are only beginning.

This morning, Franklin was a featured guest on the Today show, and as you'll see in the video below, she used her moment in the spotlight to give a shout-out to plenty of people in her lives, including...the Regis Jesuit Rowdies?

The Rowdies, by the way, are a sort of boys cheer squad at Regis. They specialize in dressing up in costumes and hyping the crowd at football games -- the attendance of which was the first thing that Franklin mentioned when listing what she's looking forward to in her senior year at high school.

regis jesuit rowdies.jpg
The Rowdies.
Franklin also said she'd be having a post-games conversation about going pro -- something that would allow her to accept the sort of endorsement offers that are flooding her right now. However, she still has a hankering to attend college, and in a conversation with Bob Costas last night, she listed off schools she was considering, including Cal-Berkeley, Texas, USC and the University of Georgia -- with the last mention spurring an article in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution asking readers to react to Missy potentially becoming a Bulldog like teammate Allison Schmitt. Among the reactions:

Yes. Would definitely catch a meet when in Athens during swim season. It's funny that the schools she mentioned are ones that have heavy influences on the US Swim Team. Hopefully her friendship with Allison Schmitt will help her choose UGA.

As for you unmentioned Colorado schools, better start recruiting! Here's her Today show appearance.

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Kevin Kredens
Kevin Kredens

no way! she is doing the right thing! enjoying high school, then college friends, family and competition.

Donna Shegonee
Donna Shegonee

no she's doing it the right way. she will have plenty chances for the sponsorship's after college

Tylr Tre
Tylr Tre

Yeah, get paid now you can always go back to won't always be a great swimmer

Jevan Russell
Jevan Russell

School is the way to go. She shouldn't have to miss her childhood like so many other talented kids.

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