Photos: Twenty most memorable mug shots of July 2012

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Big photos below.
There's one mug shot that will forever be associated with Colorado crime in 2012 -- and yes, you'll find it below. But before and after the dreadful events of July 20, plenty of other folks allegedly did wrong -- or were found guilty for doing so.

Check out the twenty most memorable booking photos of the month below, and be sure to click on the links to read our original coverage.

Pitts, Calvin.jpg
Calvin Pitts.
Read more in "Calvin Pitts and Amanda Deleon get forty years in brutal death of their three-month-old son."

Tahca Christensen mug shot.jpg
Tahca Christensen.
Read more in "Tahca Christensen reportedly attributes bathtub drowning of baby to other child, age two."

stephen armbruster mug shot large.jpg
Stephen Armbruster.
Read more in "Stephen Armbruster & Robert McManus get taste of their own bear repellent in frat attack."

jesse evans mug shot.jpg
Jesse Evans.
Read more in "Jesse Evans busted for possessing child pornography -- and making it."

Page down to see more of our top twenty mug shots of July 2012.

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Sarah Ewalt
Sarah Ewalt

seriously. this doesn't need to be glamorized.

Brad Gordon
Brad Gordon

Don't show their faces, that's what they want.


you forgot David Moe

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