Olympic rings tattoo photos: Not everyone's as hip as Missy Franklin

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a 100x95 missy franklin tattoo.jpg
Big pics below.
After winning Olympic gold, hometown hero Missy Franklin got an Olympic rings tattoo on her hip -- but that's hardly the only spot fellow Olympians have chosen to ink up. There are also rings on backs, arms, feet and near enough to the pubic region to give you a mighty good view of some Olympic-size packages the average Speedo barely covers. Play "Spot the Rings" in our gallery below.

olympic ring tattoos 1.jpg

olympic ring tattoos 2.jpg

olympic ring tattoos 3.jpg

olympic ring tattoos 4.jpg
Continue to see more locations of Olympic rings tattoos.

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I'm surprised the olympics is suing the tattoo artists and customers...


"The Olympic Movement is very protective of its symbols; as many jurisdictions have given the movement exclusive rights to any interlocking arrangement of five rings, and usage of the word Olympic. They have taken action against numerous groups seen to have violated this trademark."

Rob Payne
Rob Payne

No but getting a tat because your friends have one, for is a step away from originality. I think many do it because it's "cool" not because they actually want some worthy art permanently on them. Especially the young crowd.

Missy Rhysing
Missy Rhysing

not having tattoos doesn't make you original. originality has nothing to do with tattoos. ridiculous.


I am getting so sick of Missy Franklin . I am very happy for her and all who care about the Olympics . It's now football season , need I remind you all , and WE HAVE PEYTON MANNING !!!

Why in the hell are we STILL hearing about Missy Franklin ? Time to move on already ....

PLEASE ???!!!

Nicole Mills
Nicole Mills

Ahh... the tattoo uniform strikes again. How about being an original and not getting a tattoo at all? Ink free, think free, and lovin' it!

michael.roberts moderator editortopcommenter

 @leon Interesting point, Leon. Thanks for the post.

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