Ten Paul Ryan supporters on why they attended Lakewood rally

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Sharon Patrick
Although a handful of students weren't allowed to attend a speech by Mitt Romney running mate Paul Ryan yesterday, thousands of others crowded into Lakewood High School to hear Ryan speak. Here's what ten of those attending said about why they were there.

Noelle Tarabulski, 52, owner of a building and consulting group

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Sam Levin
Noelle Tarabulski.
"Paul Ryan is an intellectual that is not a political elite, but rather a well-balanced family man who is sensible and cares about all of us. He cares about the next generation. I'm afraid for the people that are younger than thirty.... I think Paul Ryan is awesome. He doesn't get into the emotional mudslinging and embarrassing [politics].... He understands the dynamics and mechanisms of Washington."

Susan Ford, 59, housewife

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Sam Levin
Susan Ford.
"I care about this country and I'm worried about the direction we are going. He's a family person, and I'm a religious person. He's also been in Congress a long time.... I'm so psyched [he came here]. I know Colorado is a swing state."

Teresa Molter, 47, retired human-resources worker

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Sam Levin
Teresa Molter.
"I absolutely love it. He's very articulate. He has big ideas. I'm glad Romney didn't just choose 'yes men' to surround him. It shows good leadership on his part. Joe Biden is a 'yes man....' We believe in equal opportunity, not equal outcome. That's a powerful statement."

Alex Brito, 21, enlisted in the Air Force

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Sam Levin
Alex Brito.
"Honestly, I'm here to learn more about him. I think he'll be able to get...younger individuals to vote. The younger crowd often wants to go to Obama, because that's what's popular now...but [Paul Ryan] is good at breaking things down. He just makes the point very clearly."

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DonkeyHotay topcommenter

The brain-dead dregs of humanity.


We should additionally ask,

" Why do you give your life earnings to a church ? "

" Run that Joseph Smith story by me once again.?..."

That would be my 1st question during a debate !

Explain that one so America knows what nut-cases

Mormons truly are !.....


DonkeyHotay topcommenter

 @Won_Leg Only *slightly* less crazy than the $cientologists.


What rational person would elect an imbecile who believes in bat-shit crazy superstitious nonsense to ANY government office, much less the presidency?



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