Photos: Police brutality march inspired by Kevin Ryberg, Amelia Nicol

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Approximately fifty people gathered last night at La Alma Park to protest against police aggression. This is the latest in a string of anti-brutality rallies in recent months, though this march focused predominantly on the death of Kevin Ryberg, who was shot by police while in custody on July 31, and on political activist Amelia Nicol, who faced trial yesterday after months in prison.

Eric Verlo, a member of Occupy Colorado Springs, said the group organized the event to show solidarity and prove that citizens are not intimidated by the police.

"When you've got a police department like this that acts very heavy-handed, it deters a lot of people," Verlo said. "It scares a lot of people away. So it's about showing that we're not afraid and other people shouldn't be."

Protesters carried signs remarking on police corruption, greed and the Occupy Wall Street movement. The rally began on 13th and Mariposa and ended at Civic Center Park, where the protesters dispersed. Police officers followed the march on bicycles, while other officers wearing riot gear surrounded the area in squad cars. According to the Denver Police Department, officers arrested three protesters for misdemeanor jaywalking charges during the event.



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La Alma/Lincoln Park

12th Ave. and Mariposa St., Denver, CO

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this is disgusting and i dont mean the police i mean what this movement has been co-opted to become. it's been taking over by toxic protestors and is no longer about the distribution of wealth in the USA


Colorado has totally become a police state.

The number of both prisons and prisoners

has better than doubled in less than twenty years.

Most of the 160+ inmates who were sentenced to

life as juveniles have entered the system w/i the 

same time frame.

We have what can most simply be labeled and 

recognized, as a modern day Shaw Shank. This is

NOT an exaggeration in the slightest.

And it ALL begins w/ some lone law enforcement

officer on a personal, vindictive  mission...


Amelia Nicol a political activist? Pleeeeeeese!


Occupy with anarchists and misfit  losers. The message will never get out because people do not like the messengers.


             It was a great march last nite.  The posting of these photos in Westword marks the first time Kevin Ryberg's name has been in the media since the day after he was shot.  The Denver Post coverage of last nights march utterly ignored any mention of Ryberg, which is a true disgrace.  It was unbelievable how many cops were brought out for this, including three hours of expensive helicoptor following.  It was horribly sad to meet members of the Ryberg family under such circumstances.  This is the third July in a row in which the DPD has killed an unarmed person.  Officer K. kirby told me and other occupiers that Kevin Ryberg had made it to the front seat of the police car in which he was shot, as if that somehow makes it justifable.  I hope Westword takes a good long look at this case when ever the DA finally releases the info. 


"Officer Ricky Nixon Please DIE, thanks, Denver"? OUCH! Succinct and to the point! Gotta love all those bulls in their dominatrix gear, riding around on SUV sideboards, playing gangster. Money well spent.

DonkeyHotay topcommenter

DPD = Violent Neanderthal Thugs with Badges and Guns



RobertChase topcommenter

The hard core of fifty are courageous, but we have got to broaden our appeal and find several times as many participants to do these protest-marches.  The DPD need to focus on the fact that individuals are responsible for their own conduct -- none of these marches has been violent, and if police see people actually obstructing traffic (as opposed to jaywalking), they are free to arrest those individuals then -- but not if they order someone to comply with the law and they do so.  I do not doubt that any number of people are fearful of the DPD because they continue to get away with arbitrary, highly selective law enforcement and outright false arrest on a routine basis, but there are many people who just don't know the facts and would come if they did -- we need to reach those people.  The more people who march at one time, the harder they are to ignore and suppress.


"It's a crime to prison us"?  Fail.  


Yes, we all know you are a world-class investigator John Michael Thompson. You have all the facts don't you. Solved the JonBenet case yet?


 @RobertChase Why do the hardcore 20 bother to hide their faces anymore? The police already know who they all are by name.

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