Rick Ferguson, shmucky ex-deputy, surfed for little girls on Boulder sheriff's office computer

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Disgusting and moronic is a helluva bad combination -- and one that appears to perfectly describe the actions for which former Boulder deputy sheriff Rick Ferguson has now pleaded guilty. Ferguson has admitted to Internet sexual exploitation of a child -- from a sheriff's office laptop. And his sentence is a relative slap on the wrist, which is shmucky in and of itself.

As we first reported last December, sheriff's office reps were contacted by a Boulder County Information Technology staffer who'd noticed what was described as "unusual activity" on the computer in Ferguson's patrol car -- an unbelievably boneheaded move for a veteran law enforcer (he'd been on the force for thirty years), who presumably had to know activity on the device would be closely monitored.

Said "unusual activity" is a euphemism, because, in this case, he'd apparently been communicating with girls said to be fifteen or younger in a sexually explicit way.

That led to a search warrant for Ferguson's home computer and his surrender to authorities on five charges: two counts of Internet luring of a child, and one count apiece of Internet sexual exploitation of a child, obscenity and second degree official misconduct. The first four are felonies.

No wonder Ferguson would seek a deal with prosecutors. According to the Boulder Daily Camera, he ultimately pleaded guilty to felony sexual exploitation of a child, felony obscenity and official misconduct -- a combination that will likely allow him to avoid jail time entirely. The Camera notes that he's set to receive a sentence of probation only, with time behind bars on the horizon only if he violates his probationary terms.

Presumably, this arrangement is an acknowledgement of Ferguson's three decades in uniform. Let's hope he spent the vast majority of it actually fighting crime, as opposed to trolling for prepubescent females.

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Paul Vincent Saurini
Paul Vincent Saurini

Really, even the Westword article seems to give him a break. I would not be calling any man shmucky who violated a child. Why is it so hard for you to call this man the preferred term with which he was charged? Bone headed? Creepy. Had any other citizenry been sent to jail for the same offense, then that's what this guy should have gotten.

Sharon Brisnehan
Sharon Brisnehan

Schmucky? Boneheaded? How about "dangerous", "delusional", "predator". From the article: " he ultimately pleaded guilty to felony sexual exploitation of a child, felony obscenity and official misconduct -- a combination that will likely allow him to avoid jail time entirely." UNBELIEVABLE.


what a sad story. With any luck he will violate probation quick and go to prison not only as a child molester, but also a cop..... a combination that wouldnt do too well in the big house.


It must be something in the range of like ,

1 out of every 250,000,000 law enforcement officers

charged & convicted of a crime , see the inside of a cell .

We so often hear of part of their punishment being loss

of their 'sacred' badge.

So the hell what !?!

Who doesn't lose their job when incarcerated ?

I've NEVER heard a judge or D.A. factor in

the same during the sentencing phase w/ anyone ,

as is done w/ police officers ....


Maybe he'll fall down on Pat Sullivans big fat  infected cock. That would be awesome. Then he can surf the internet looking for cheap antbiotics from Mexico.

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