Robert Ayers latest Josh McDaniels draft pick to underperform for Broncos

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robert ayers.jpg
Robert Ayers.
Denver blog posts have the quicks.

Bronco Talk's Monty thinks Broncos training camp may be the last chance for two top draft picks from the Josh McDaniels era: Robert Ayers and Knowshon Moreno.

Denver Egotist on the USA Pro Cycling Challenge campaign.

At Square State, Jack Van Ens asks, "Is success like a sprint or a relay?" Missy Franklin could probably answer that question.

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Juan_Leg topcommenter

I say good riddance to both.

Moreno's best performance was his rookie year when he produced nearly 1,000 yards. He did this w/ an embarrassing YPG , and he has shown zero sign of improvement. Denver is more than fine in the back field w/o him !

Ayers has sucked from day one. I have yet to watch this man play an entire game. Slow off the snap, pathetic reads, and he might be able to wrap up your grandmother. He sure the hell can't an NFL back. The only thing he can cover is the tab because he is WAY OVER PAID !!!

I say put the two of them in the steam room w/ Sullivan and see what happens........

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