Thousands of possible non-citizens Scott Gessler targeted are legal voters

Maes, who says that they've spoken to around thirty individuals who received the letter and are citizens, insists that the issue isn't a partisan one for the ACLU.

"This is about the right to vote and making sure it's not infringed," she says. "It's part of a national strategy him and other governors and secretaries of states [have taken]...even though they have no substantiation of proof."

Denise Maes.jpeg
Denise Maes
Is the issue a partisan one for Gessler? Turns out he's in Tampa right now, having attended the just-concluded Republican National Convention as a delegate.

By the way, the AP and the Denver Post reported earlier this week that only around 12 percent of those who received letters were Republicans.

In a key swing state like Colorado, which could determine the next president of the United States, concerns about voter suppression have added significance.

"They are intimidating people to not bother voting," says Samantha Meiring, who was born in South Africa and moved to the United States in 2000.

She received one of Gessler's letters.

"I do think there is a bit of a partisan bias to it. Immigrants largely tend to vote Democratic or not Republican," she says. "Why are they targeting this particular group?"

From Gessler's statement about these numbers: "We identified a vulnerability, and this effort helps protect our elections. When some races hinge on just a handful of votes, every vote counts. My goal is to make it easy to vote, but tough to cheat."

Meiring, a 37-year-old Firestone resident who has been a citizen since March of 2010, says that she was pretty taken aback by the letter.

"I was surprised and kind of angry," she says. "I've already voted before. I registered to vote legally. I fulfilled all the requirements at that time to vote."

Meiring, who works as a data manager, says that because the election is just two months away, she is concerned about the impact Gessler's efforts could have on voters who are legally registered.

"You get this official letter from the Secretary of State's office and it's really intimidating," she says. "I just really have to question the way they are going about this and the timing of it."

Adds Maes: "It's pathetic that they have to yet again go through another hurdle and prove they are legitimate voters."

Here's the original letter:

Non-Citizen Letter FINAL

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RobertChase topcommenter

Gessler's Know-Nothing supporters will remain convinced that illegal aliens (as opposed to corporations) are stealing elections whether he turns up an alien voter or not.


Id say its almost more noteworthy/newsworthy that he had any success rate at all!! 16 people turning them self in is quite the success rate id say!!! He probably didnt even see that coming!!


This has gotten nearly as old as the Obama birth certificate ' scandal ' .

It reminds me of the Dems running Akin's stupid comments into the ground .

Election years drive me CRAZY ! It's literally painful watching and listening

to the candidates CAMPAIGN ! I wasn't sure if I should laugh or cry

at Clint Eastwood developing Alzheimer disease right before national audience's eyes .

That drunk going on about Obama and his alleged failure regarding the demanding need for lemonade stand franchises &  BOSS garage sales , was HILARIOUS !!!    

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