Sniagrab shoppers or urban campers -- their passion is in tents!

At this time last year, tents were already lined up outside the Sports Authority store at 10th and Broadway in anticipation of Sniagrab, the annual sale getting underway the Saturday prior to Labor Day. But that was before Occupy Denver popped up four blocks north on Broadway, and before the city passed an ordinance banning urban camping.

To comply with that new ordinance, Sports Authority and the Denver Department of Public Works worked together to create the paper trail to allow the trail of tents that will soon march up 10th to Lincoln, then round the corner and head north. In this week's Off Limits, I reported on Public Works' efforts; yesterday, Sports Authority provided the following statement:

Sports Authority worked with the City for a special permit to allow Sniagrab enthusiasts to begin lining up early this year including camping overnight. In previous years we've had the first customers in line up to a week ahead of start of the sale on Saturday with over 400 customers in line by 7 a.m. on Saturday.

We anticipate similar excitement this year as we've increased our inventory by 35 percent and it's on sale for up to 80 percent off original prices on previous years' ski & snowboard equipment and more.

Eight days before Sniagrab 2011.
As of this writing, there are no would-be customers camping outside the Sports Castle. But we're betting that we'll see the first tents sometime today, and when we spot one, we'll post an update.

Occupy Sniagrab!

Urban camping is no picnic, as Jef Otte discovered when he spent a night on the 16th Street Mall. Read our "Unhappy Campers" cover story.

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Scott Snell
Scott Snell

wounder what will happen black friday

Jonathan White
Jonathan White

Hope DPD runs them off like they do others. No urban camping but you can squat on a sidewalk to get a good deal on vanity items. Horse shit

K. Lyn Baker
K. Lyn Baker

Probably not until Tuesday, given my experience with past Sniagrabs.

Fred Kaplan
Fred Kaplan

Dinfinetely BS. If you can't afford a home you get jailed for camping, but if your able to afford the cost of Skiing, cost of driving to skiing, THEN YOU GET TO CAMP ON THE PUBLIC STREETS OF DENVER. WE NEED A NEW CITY COUNCIL AND NOT THESE OVERPAID UNDERWORKED A HOLES.

DonkeyHotay topcommenter

When you have a home, camping is discretionary recreation.


When you are homeless, "camping" is survival.


Denver has declared that recreation for those with homes is ok, but the survival of those without homes is illegal.


Why aren't the amoral scumbags on Denver City Council burning at the stake in the public square?




It's riduclous how we call it a camping ban but we let those who can afford to literally "camp" outside of Sports Authority just so they can save a few bucks on their ski gear.  On the other side, the homeless can't even afford camping gear, don't set up big intrusive tents on the sidewalk, and don't have anywhere else to go.  Camping ban just doesn't sound too fitting when you put things into perspective...


Participators must provide proof of residency.  ( lease, Public Service,water or cable bill ect... )

Violators are subject to extreme consequences ! ( 'provoked' & 'justified' excessive force and FELONY attempted assault on a police officer )

Nothing new or anything Denver residents aren't already accustomed to already......

Thank you Patricia for reminding everyone that HOMELESSNESS IS A CRIME IN DENVER !!!

michael.roberts moderator editortopcommenter

 @anonymous Very interesting post, anonymous. We're going to make it an upcoming Comment of the Day. Thanks.


 @anonymous At least the sidewalk in front of Sports Authority is scabies-free.

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