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A week after Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney brought his campaign to Jefferson County, President Barack Obama is making stops in Colorado, highlighting the importance of this key swing state. Today, thousands of supporters filed into the Auraria Event Center to hear Obama speak, which he's scheduled to do moments from now. Before the event started, we caught up with ten voters to get their take on Obama and Romney.

Carlos Ismael Alvarez, 20, student

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Sam Levin
Carlos Ismael Alvarez
"I am an undocumented immigrant, but that doesn't exclude me from showing my support. I just want to support my president today. Although I might be invisible, I'm not.... [Romney] is just so ignorant. Why would he want to throw out people like us when we power the economy? We are human beings, too. Why does he want to throw our rights away? [Under Romney] I would be restricted even more than I already am. He's just so ignorant."

Vicki Dillard, 33, inspirational speaker and activist

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Sam Levin
Vicki Dillard
"[Romney] needs to release his tax returns. Obviously it's about disclosure. It lets me know your motives and your interests lie with the regular folks.... [Obama] more closely identifies with the American people. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure that out. I'm also not the 1 percent.... I'm also really concerned about [Romney] taking us to war. I'm not looking for another war president."

Rachel Bowen, 28, customer support for video games

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Sam Levin
Rachel Bowen
"He's talking about women's health shit today, and that's cool, I'm a woman. [Romney] would kind of suck, because abortion is cool. I'm pretty apathetic...but women's rights are rad. I'm all for that."

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ALL KIDS who probably couldnt list any of his policies and certainly none of his accomplishments. How did the presidency in America turn into a popularity contest??



As a proud pro-choice liberal and Obama supporter, I come out today in support of ultra-late-term abortion. I believe we need to terminate the "abortion is cool" girl. What an utter disaster of a human. 


Please tell me there were more intelligent people there than this but you guys just decided to post the "funniest" quotes.

Scott Amelang
Scott Amelang

What a bunch of uneducated fools..UNBELIEVABLE..!!


Holy s**t... humanity is doomed... Obama is not a wartime president? Abortion is cool? WTF?!?!?!

michael.roberts moderator editortopcommenter

Interesting post, rebeldor -- one we're going to make an upcoming Comment of the Day. Congrats, and thanks for weighing in.


I guess Vicki Dillard (like most Obama apologists) fails to realize that Obama is a War President, in some cases even more than Bush.


Just ask the thousands of innocent civilians (many of whom were women and children) in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia, and Libya who have been murdered by drone bombs.


Just ask the people of Iran who are the victims of draconian sanctions due to the actions of their government.


 @michael.roberts Well, as i appreciate your coverage of Romneys visit, it is very apparent that the energy in this story is higher than Romney's. Call me crazy but until media gets fair and unbiased it will continue to be a struggle in this country for people to accurately make decisions since 100% of our info comes from you in whatever medium we choose - internet, paper, tv.....heres a couple of VERY interesting stories

westword probably wont publish....Whether it makes you "uncool" or not, the people have a right to know these things...





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