Reader: Gates project is none of this CU student's business

Stories on urban planning rarely inspire heated discussion, but Alan Prendergast's "Trouble in the Rubble," which details how a University of Colorado student filed an application to get historic landmark designation for the old Gates Rubber buildings, is a definite exception.

When Eugene Elliott paid the $250 fee and filed the application in June, he put the imminent demolition of the structures on hold -- not to mention the plans that developers, city officials and neighborhood groups have been discussing for decades.

Dozens of people have weighed in on the situation, including Dave Barnes, who says this:

Eugene Elliott is a scumball.

He is from Iowa.

He goes to school in Boulder.

He has no business telling Denver what to do.

Read all the comments on the original story here. And see our slide show of "ruin porn" here.

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"He is from Iowa."


And more importantly, should go back there - along with all of the other Midwestern transplants using up our water and tying up our traffic.

BackOffImStarving topcommenter

I have to agree with Dave Barnes on this one.  What, there aren't enough causes to fight for closer to campus?  The building is a death trap, especially seeing how a number of people have ACTUALLY DIED and been HOSPITALIZED while trespassing here.  Rodents rule the place, drug deals go on inside, and the homeless use it as a combination bedroom/bathroom master suite.  


Come on, Eugene.  Find a Nederland retro spider or a Boulder Creek barnacle to crusade for.

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