James Holmes Facebook fan page switches to salute Sikh temple shooter Wade Michael Page

wade michael page nazi symbol.jpg
Wade Page.
Thus far, Facebook hasn't seen the creation of nearly as many pages saluting Wisconsin Sikh temple killer Wade Michael Page as was the case with James Holmes following the Aurora theater shooting. But one address exemplifies the fleeting attention span of those who live to shock online: It was previously a Holmes fan page, but it now pays tribute to Page, reportedly a racist musician originally from Colorado who turned homicidal.

The page features these images in the profile pic slot:

wade michael page facebook tribute page profile pic.jpg
However, here's the previous profile photo:

james holmes from wade michael page fan page.jpg
The page also includes a photo of Batman and the following description:


I love batman. I got mad because the movie sucked so I shot up some peeps.
Lives in Aurora, Colorado

Fortunately, the page has received no likes as of this writing, and two other Facebook sites devoted to Page have collected just six likes and three likes, respectively. Likewise, Twitter isn't currently infested with fake Pages. The @wademichaelpage account has only 24 followers and mainly features retweets of news items about the killer.

Not that the Internet is free of Page material. The Associated Press reports that Page made some 250 posts to a skinhead site between 2010 and mid-2012, some of which seemed intent on recruiting new members to his cause -- a mission that some white supremacists seem to believe was hindered rather than helped by his actions on Sunday. The blog We Are Respectable Negroes posts what are described as reactions from one racist bulletin board. An example:

If this perp is some white neo-nazi idiot, like it sounds like, I'm going to be so f***ing po'd. Typical redneck idiot ruining everything we work for, and try to separate ourselves from. Now this will fuel more liberal bs on all fronts. We'll probably hear how he thought they were muslims and went on some rant. GOD DAMMIT. I'm sick of these god damn idiots ruining the reputation of our race.

Doesn't sound like this guy will be starting a Wade Michael Page Facebook tribute page.

More from our News archive: "Photos: Wade Michael Page, alleged Sikh temple killer, reportedly Colorado-bred racist musician."

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You realize the pages are to mock people right? They are not fan pages. I bet the person that created these is Jewish. He is being sardonic. Try this site if you want to see people who are actually serious: The day the author stops being a journalist (he is a real journalist even though I disagree with him on most issues) is the Donkey breath will put down his crack pipe and get a real job besides being Westword's number one psychopath troll and comment spammer.

DonkeyHotay topcommenter

If you ever decide to give up "journalism", there's always a career for you as booking agent for the Jerry Springer show.

Jen Ant
Jen Ant

is it some kind of Sikh joke by the authorities to create a page that would insight other sicko's to come and show their support, thus exposing the kind of people/ groups James Holmes and Wade Michael associated themselves with.

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