Aurora theater shooting: Recovery committee responds to criticism from victim families

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Tom Teves.
Update: Rich Audsley, speaking for the 7/20 Recovery Committee, has released a statement responding to criticism from families of Aurora theater shooting victims. It's included after our original coverage.

Tom Teves, the father of Aurora theater shooting victim Alex Teves, lambasted the way Giving First, a program of the Community First Foundation that helped solicit more than $5 million for the attack's victims, has handled the disbursement of the funds.

He said victims' families have been misled, ignored and pitted against each other, and he called on politicians "to finally put an end to this madness, adding, "There have been two tragedies in Aurora. The first was the theater shooting.... The second is how victims have been treated."

The press conference was the second called by victims' families to express disappointment with how the donations are being spent; the first took place on August 28. While that event stretched on for hours and was attended by family members representing eleven of the twelve victims who died, today's was much shorter. Teves read an eight-minute prepared statement and then walked out of the room. The seven family members who stood behind him on a riser each took to the microphone and repeated the last sentence of Teves's statement -- "We will remember" -- and then followed him out to the parking lot.

According to Jessica Watts, the cousin of victim Jonathan Blunk, attendees included family members of victims Micayla Medek, Veronia Moser-Sullivan and A.J. Boik.

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Melanie Asmar
Tom Teves addresses the media while victims' family members stand behind him.
Teves said the families met on September 8 with the 7/20 Recovery Committee, a group of representatives from nonprofits, government and local schools charged with making recommendations for how to disburse the funds. At that meeting, he said, "we received some very surprising and disturbing information," including that the committee has no real authority over how the donations should be spent and that Giving First has "final say."

"That's not what we were told by the committee in our first meeting," Teves said. "We were told that the victims would have the final say in the disbursement of the funds."

Continue reading for more from Teves, as well as Audley's statement.

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You do realize that a 5013C non-profit is only required to present less than %20 to the actual monies collected to the mentioned and intended charity ? That's a fact . Do you recall when all those actors and musicians were asking for donations to United Way following Sept .11th , only to denounce it shortly afterwards .

People would shit if they understood how a non-profit operates . They would NEVER give to one again . I believe it's important to give and I do so weekly w/ my time . You are seriously better off giving a homeless guy $100 than you would 99 out of 100 charities . At least the homeless aren't running a scam to cheat you out of your money under the guise of being good & giving Christians .


Two more things.

These assholes are in Arvada.

Community First Foundation • 6870 West 52nd Avenue, Suite 103, Arvada, CO 80002 • Tel 720.898.5900

Current balance




Complete fucking bullshit. Giving first, I guess referring to donors, better rebrand. Pathetic parasites.

Deidra Jones
Deidra Jones

Can somebody shoot an kill me now...... move on already...... why is this even still in the news??


Misled? That is putting it mildly. Look at all those white people. 70 whites shot. You really think bozo the clown shot you? The real shooters were blacks and part of a police pyyop targeting whites. Do the research and take the city to court. The Jewish bozo the clown is just a dupe who fired into the air and then let the anti-white shooters in. All evidence points to a police staged event on this one.

Cat Tidey
Cat Tidey

Guess I'm confused. Aren't the donations intended to help cover the medical expenses, rather than state/fed, etc? Doesn't it make sense to provide financial aid to the survivors of this tragedy?

Ken Tucker
Ken Tucker

Guess money will make them feel better? Don't quite understand the logic behind the bitching...


 @WhoCares  How's that tinfoil hat , you lunatic do-whacka-do fruit loop nutcase kook?

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