CU-Boulder left off Playboy party school list, Colorado School of Mines = worst sex life

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Oh, how the mighty have fallen. A year after being named Playboy's number one party school, CU-Boulder didn't even make the 2012 top ten -- and this despite having just been featured on ABC's 20/20 as the drunk-walking capital of the world.

To add insult to injury, Colorado School of Mines, one of two state schools to land on Playboy's just-released party-school roundup, is dubbed the worst college in the country for having a sex life.

Here's a screen capture of the main party-school list. As you can see, just one of the top ten universities is west of Texas:

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Below this section on the Playboy post is a series of break-out lists, with one of them labeled "#1 Sex Life." That honor goes to the University of North Carolina in part because women outnumber men on campus ten to seven. And the "worst of the rest"? Colorado School of Mines.

Why? No explanation is given, but one reason might be what's perceived to be a man-to-woman ratio that tilts in the other direction -- something even the folks at the Colorado School of Mines memes page acknowledge. Here's one example:

colorado school of mines hot girl meme.jpg
It's not all negatives for Colorado, though. In the "#1 Nightlife" roster, the University of Denver is listed fifth (of five) in the "Best of the Rest" category beneath winner Southern Methodist University.

That's something Barack Obama and Mitt Romney should bear in mind when they visit on October 3 for the DU-hosted presidential debate. Meanwhile, CU-Boulder will have to take comfort in its third-best party school ranking last month by Newsweek and The Daily Beast. Sure, that list was based on arrests, but just because the cops show up doesn't mean the party's over.

More from our Media archive: "Video: Boulder portrayed as drunk-walking capital on 20/20."

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Stuart McMillin
Stuart McMillin

1 date is the answer to your question Westword. 420.

Zack Lewis
Zack Lewis

LMAO, I work in Golden and can say... yes the CSM kids are a little lacking in social skills...


@AndySchlichting @thatdudecbon @sarahmeier23 I'm not surprised! All they do is #EngineerTheWay


@AndySchlichting @thatdudecbon @alexhelmbrecht Poor Colin ...


@SarahMeier23 @andyschlichting @alexhelmbrecht As long as they win they can get as little, or as much, action as they want.


@SarahMeier23 Poor Colin. Those kids are just fine.

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