Donna Martinez dies in police shooting, likely charges for passenger Bernard Trujillo

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donna lynn martinez mug shot cropped.jpg
Big photos below.
Donna Lynn Martinez had posed for a police photographer before being shot to death by a Lakewood Police officer, as her mug shot indicates. But her companion, Bernard John Trujillo, sported by far the more impressive record -- one that's likely to get longer this week when charges against him are formalized in regard to a traffic stop that turned tragic.

According to the Lakewood Police Department, an officer pulled over a 2007 Suzuki shortly after midnight on September 6 near the intersection of Colfax Avenue and Pierce Street. He then ran the license plate of the vehicle, driven by Martinez with Trujillo beside her, and it registered as stolen. Cops now believe the Suzuki had been swiped from a Denver location a few days earlier.

After a second cop responded to the scene, Trujillo is said to have gotten combative. That officer responded by tasing him, after which Martinez allegedly tried to drive away, even though the first officer's arm was pinned inside the vehicle. Cop Number One then opened fire, striking her. She subsequently died of her wounds at a nearby hospital.

steve davis.jpg
Steve Davis.
The thus-far-unidentified officer who shot and killed Martinez will face an investigation by what Lakewood Police Department spokesman Steve Davis refers to as "the Jefferson County shoot team." The group "consists of investigators and detectives from all the law enforcement agencies in Jefferson County," he goes on, "including the district attorney's office. It lends an outside perspective, so you don't end up with the same agency investigating its own shooting. We do have a couple of detectives who are part of the team, but the investigation itself isn't done by Lakewood."

The inquiry "takes as much time as they need," Davis points out. "It's usually a week or two before they turn over their final report to the DA's office, but it doesn't contain any charges toward an officer or anything else. That report is then staffed by members of the DA's office, and it's solely their responsibility to determine whether the shooting was justified or not."

At times, Davis has seen the district attorney turn around a report "very quickly -- and even then, it's usually several weeks. But if there's something in doubt or they feel things need more investigation, it could be months -- although, hopefully, this one won't be a real drawn-out process."

Charges against Trujillo are likely to come down well before then. "He was a parolee," Davis says, "and that's what we booked him on -- a parole violation. But there will likely be many charges filed on him as the investigation progresses. It will take the district attorney's office looking at those charges separately from the investigation and decide what they think is appropriate. But I'm going to guess there'll be five or six charges against him."

He's already racked up quite a collection. The Denver Post notes that Trujillo's twenty-year arrest history in the state, either under his own name or an alias, ranges from auto theft and possession of an explosive device to defrauding a pawnbroker of a deadly weapon.

Here's a look at Trujillo's mug shot, followed by a larger version of the earlier one featuring Martinez.

Bernard John Trujillo mug shot.jpg
Bernard John Trujillo.

donna lynn martinez mug shot.JPG
Donna Lynn Martinez.

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So, just like every other city in the United States, murder with a badge is justified, for grand theft auto?  hell why not jay walking, oh wait, a us citizen was killed for jay walking already.... don't worry "no officer was hurt in the incident"   wake up.. a person with a badge can kill anyone for anything and not be prosecuted....


I just want to say is that piece of shit police officer that he has a mother sister and or daughter and i hope they die so he feels the pain we went thru hope god sends him to hell fuck every single person who has a bad comment about her


thats insane David Jon Sponhiem is right the bad guys get of easy way to much

RobertChase topcommenter

I believe that police are routinely characterized as "pinned" inside moving cars and as being "dragged", when in fact they are instead determined to effect an arrest, grabbing at keys or suspects, and holding onto them or their fleeing vehicle.  In such instances, while police are within their rights to use necessary force to make an arrest and suspects who attempt to drive away from an officer at the driver's window are offering resistance, the pretext that officers are in fear for their lives when they gun down car theft suspects in the street is used all too often.  Grabbing onto fleeing cars and blasting the driver is a cowboy maneuver which should be reserved for only the most dangerous, and every single claim that officers are pinned or dragged should be examined to determine their veracity.


He will undoubtedly receive the habitual criminal indictment , in a county filled w/ tight-assed Republicans . His parole won't be revoked til after ALL new court proceedings have received dispositions .

Which brings me to what has he done aside for a little drunken resisting arrest ? He wasn't driving . No proof he knew the vehicle was stolen . Additionally , he was OUT of the vehicle being tazzed' when the now deceased , Ms. Martinez , took off driving dragging the murdering piece of shit police officer , w/ her . What could Trujillio have done that would have prevented her from ANY actions by that point ?

He has a lengthy record , meaning he should know to STFU & NOT TALK W/ ANYONE ASIDE FROM HIS COUNCIL ! If he does this and TAKES IT TO TRIAL , he'll be fine ...


@carlraymiller well she was my sister in law and she wasn't a bad person but way ever u think. That ur opinion just fuck every one who has a bad comment about her


@Juan_Leg YOU ARE AN IDIOT! I'm sure your arrest record is impressive which is the best thing ever said about you. You are filled with terminal stupidity.

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