ESPN's Chris Fowler and Twitter Nation on CU Buffs' humiliating loss to Fresno State

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Chris Fowler, the host of ESPN's college football coverage, is a proud CU-Boulder alum -- or at least he was proud until Saturday, when the Buffs followed two desultory losses by getting destroyed 69-14 by the gridiron juggernaut from...Fresno State? So ashamed was Fowler that he had to wait a day before he was capable of sharing his thoughts on Twitter. And even then, his words weren't of the glass-half-full variety. Here's what he had to tweet.

The low expectations to which Fowler alludes make sense. When Jon Embree was named CU's coach in December 2010, the cupboard was bare thanks to the dreadful run by his program-destroying predecessor, Dan Hawkins. But after a predictably difficult 2011, fans were expecting at least some modicum of improvement in year two -- maybe not a pile of victories, but at least an ability to stay competitive.

Instead, the Buffs came up short against rival CSU, fell to Sacramento State at home and then allowed Fresno State to put up five touchdowns in the first quarter. No wonder those whispers about giving Embree the boot are now considerably louder. A lot of us have been rooting for him to succeed, but he's quite literally coaching for his CU job the rest of the way.

Here's ten other Twitter responses to the disaster that is the CU Buffs' football squad.

Continue to see more of our top ten tweets about the CU Buffs' humiliating defeat to Fresno State.

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Tracy Strode
Tracy Strode

keep him, i could watch teams runs up 70 points on CU for the rest of my life! CU and Boulder need to learn some damn humility for once

Scott Green
Scott Green

Our program has been run in to the ground over the last decade, it could take 5-8 years to rebuild our program. It takes 4 years for a coaches recruits to develop at the least, I say we give him some time.

Chad Peterson
Chad Peterson

Fire him and bring back coach Mac to get the program back together. This is completely unacceptable!

Mannick D Pres-Saint
Mannick D Pres-Saint

Someone needs to remind the players that pre-game "warm-ups" is NOT code for hittin' the reefer, man!

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