Gary Haney, killed by SWAT team, was sex-mag publisher, former Big Daddy of Denver nightlife

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Big photos below.
On August 26, Gary Haney, forty, was shot and killed at a Wheat Ridge Ramada Inn after a long standoff with a SWAT team. Afterward, accounts like this one noted his past criminal history, but not his previous self-created image as the "cunning but kindhearted Big Daddy of Denver's nightlife" -- a description from our 2006 feature article about the onetime high-rolling sex-magazine publisher brought low by meth.

gary haney photo montage.jpg
A photo montage of Haney that accompanied our 2006 feature article.
"Big Trouble," written by Jared Jacang Maher, begins with an account of a brutal December 2005 crime related to Haney's then-profession: pimp. According to a police report, Haney, who stood five-nine and weighed in at 350 pounds (he may have been as much as 100 pounds heavier at the time of his death) had called a female employee to a house on the 3100 block of York Street and accused her of "conducting professional business on the side and therefore taking money from him." After that, he was accused of striking the woman several times in the head with a baseball bat and punching her pretty much everywhere other than her face -- presumably because bruises there would be bad for business.

The woman told officers that Haney's business colleague and owner of the house didn't exactly come to her rescue. Rather, he closed the home's doors and windows to dampen the sound of her screams. Shortly thereafter, Haney is said to have taken $560 from the woman's jacket, informed her that she owed him another five grand, and threatened to kill her and her daughter if she finked to the cops.

For these actions, Haney was eventually busted for aggravated robbery and second-degree assault. He spent two years behind bars for these crimes -- a big fall for the man who pals supposedly described as "Marlon Brando on acid."

gary haney earlier mug shot.jpg
Haney's 2005 mug shot.
According to Maher, Haney first got into the sex biz as a DJ at a Texas strip club. He later opened up a string of nudie joints on the East Coast before becoming an ad salesman for assorted sex-oriented publications, including Adult Stars. His attempt to launch an affiliate of the latter in Denver circa 1999 crashed and burned within a couple of months, but this failure didn't turn him off the publishing business, as noted by an excerpt from Maher's article:

At the time, the free adult-magazine market on the Front Range was dominated by the Rocky Mountain Oyster, a mainstay of retro '70s soft-core smut printed on gritty newsprint. Haney knew that if he wanted to get a slice of the market, he was going to have to go bigger. He got financial backing from some of the then-owners of Christal's, a chain of local sex shops owned by Golden-based ZJ Gifts, to start Rocky Mountain Go-Go. Haney figured he needed to distinguish his publication from the Oyster, so he printed the magazine on expensive, glossy stock in four colors and offered more content, including interviews with porn actresses. He also penned his own page-two column that included pictures of him advancing his average-guy-getting-lucky strategy: Gary with a lollipop girl, Gary getting a kiss from a dominatrix, Gary palming a pair of enormous stripper tits.
Continue reading for more about the rise and fall of Gary Haney.

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you are missed..... starting life over without you is no easy task.  omg the trouble we got into together.......  got me sooooo in trouble, but GO BIG OR GO HOME!  i am out of the game now, but will always remember our rockstar lifestyle we had for the time we did......  rest in peace, you were an amazing man til the day you left us. 


I knew Gary Haney when he was young. I did not know him once he made his way into strip clubs and meth, etc. He was the valedictorian of Boys Ranch the year he graduate, 1989-1990. He mentions in another article that he was 'discovered' at a local radio station and went to work at adult clubs. Not true. Gary's first job saying anything into a microphone was at The Crazy Horse in Amarillo, Texas. He had such promise. Sad to see he ended up this way. 


he looks just like adam savage from Mythbusters.

the resemblance is uncanny


Meth, porn, robbery, hookers, assault, strippers, extortion, three daily trips to the drive thru and mayhem...  not just for breakfast anymore... . I wonder what's on the menu in hell's steaming ass-broom closet.

Hope he brought his own sweat diapers.


If you get the true story about his alleged beating, you will see that her evidence in court, including hospital records, were non conclusive and her injuries did not prove that Haney EVER touched her with a bat. GET THE FACTS PEOPLE! Obviously, the media is not always a reliable source for self proclaimed judgement


That guy saved my life a few years back .

He found me having a heart attack while walking my dog .

Met & thanked him afterwards .

Too bad he victimized some women .

Too bad Denver doesn't have a true 'Out-Reach'

to help some of these trapped women ...

I wonder if Jesus slapped his 'Hoe's' ,

I mean disciples , around ???...




Clueless, Roberts: Referring to people pimped by Haney as his "employees." Employers and employees are people to whom employment laws apply -- you know, with fair wages and safe working conditions and the option of quitting the job. Women, men, girls, and boys who "work" for pimps and johns are not "employees." They are commodities bought and sold. Until these people get 401Ks, health benefits, and legal protection, don't pretend that they've made a career choice.


@jasonifisher Yeah. By the time I showed he was kind of a silent partner, but he was around the office some. Walking turd in cargo shorts.

michael.roberts moderator editortopcommenter

 @Socks Thanks for weighing in, Socks. Much appreciated.

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