German Medina, knife lover, still missing but charged with murder of Bertha Garcia (33)

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german medina cropped.jpg
German Medina.
German Medina is gone. At this writing, no one knows where the undocumented immigrant is, but he's definitely the Aurora Police Department and the 17th Judicial District DA's office, which has charged Medina in absentia with first-degree murder of his girlfriend, Bertha Garcia. And the background circumstances are disturbing in the extreme.

The APD first put out an alert for 32-year-old Medina on Sunday, shortly after Garcia, 23, disappeared. According to the cops, Medina went to his brother's house and asked to borrow a car and a gun. The brother reportedly ponied up the former, not the latter. Around that same time -- 12:15 a.m. -- Garcia walked a friend to his car on the 1900 block of Paris Street. The friend drove away, but as he did so, police say he saw a Hispanic male approach Garcia as she was walking back to her house.

german medina apartment.jpg
The apartment Medina shared with his brothers.
At that point, Garcia vanished, prompting a missing-persons search. The next day, a body was found in some bushes one house away from where she was last seen. By yesterday, the body was identified as Garcia and district attorney Don Quick had filed a first-degree murder charge against Medina.

In the interim, CBS4 shared some unsettling descriptions of the suspect by a neighbor. Medina is said to have shared an apartment with his two brothers, drank heavily and exhibited a creepy fondness for a certain weapon.

"He always carried a long knife on him," the neighbor told the station. "He always kind of gave me a weird vibe. When I found out what happened, it made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up."

She also recalled an incident from a few months back, in which Media reportedly walked past her only to return and invade her personal space -- something he repeated three times, until she called her fiance outside.

Medina remains at large, with police guessing his destination may have been either California or Mexico, where he's thought to have family. He was last seen driving a black 1997 two-door Lexus with the Colorado license plate 339-WDJ.

Look below to see photos of Garcia and Medina, followed by the aforementioned CBS4 report.

bertha garcia.jpg
Bertha Garcia.

german medina.jpg
German Medina.

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Illegals seem to be committing many crimes lately even though our Government continues to give them so much assistance. I wonder what is wrong with this group of people. They are pandered so much ,but yet remain so third worldish.  

Steven M Palmer
Steven M Palmer

ILLEGAL alien wanted for murder? Start looking in Mexico...


 @k7wie7 You know what's funny? Statistics show that those who murder in cold blood tend to be white males. 


 @k7wie7 Funny, as I was reading this, I was thinking, "I bet some idiot is going to draw a conclusion about a huge group of people based on this article, and perhaps a few more they recall." And look at that, some idiot did!


Here's a little tip: your brain is wildly inaccurate when it comes to judging stuff like this. If you're going to hold an opinion that illegal immigrants are "third worldish" why not research some actual facts? You're spewing uninformed, biased information because you refuse to do even a base amount of research before insulting a gigantic group of people.


If you want to live a world where people don't say: "Oh, that person's white? Must be racist and ignorant," or, "Oh, that person's Christian? Must be a hypocritical idiot," or whatever else, then you CAN'T make the same idiotic conclusions yourself.


@k7wie7 you can take the woods out of the slobbery hunchback, but you cant take the slobber out of woodsy slobberback.



You tell em ' ,  girl !

Thank you for a true voice of reason ...

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