Photos: Kenna Egbune, beloved and active CU Boulder student, mourned after sudden death

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Big photos below.
Kenna Egbune didn't just go to school at CU-Boulder. He was extremely involved in campus life as PR director of the African Students Association and member of CU's Queer People of Color and EyeResist groups.

No wonder that the turnout was so large at a candlelight vigil last night to mourn his sudden, shocking and thus far inexplicable death.

According to the Boulder Daily Camera, Egbune died Wednesday while riding an RTD bus to his Aurora home. The twenty-year-old Cherokee Trail High School grad is said to have suffered a seizure.

Yesterday, the CU Academic Advising Wordpress posted an announcement of an 8 p.m. vigil and a description of Egbune as someone "known and loved by many as a passionate, luminous being and ardent leader/advocate of justice and empowerment... and as a compassionate, caring friend. He has touched so many lives here in the department and will always be remembered."

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A photo from Kenna Egbune's Facebook page.
Egbune's name cropped up in the Colorado Daily, the Camera's sister paper, just last week, in an item publicizing an appearance by Project Runway star and former Westword cover subject Mondo Guerra -- an indication of his involvement in a wide range of campus happenings. The same can be said of his mini-bio on the CU African Students' Association webpage. The self-penned brief, which identifies the ethnic-studies and sociology major as Ikenna "Kenna" Egbune, gives a good indication of his personality:

Hello beautiful people! My name is Kenna Egbune and I am a Junior studying Ethnic Studies and Sociology. I am looking to pursue some type of career in social justice following completion of either law or graduate school. My country of origin is the U.S., yet my father is Nigerian and my mother is of mixed Black and Native descent. This year I am the Director of Public Relations and look foward to helping spread info about ASA campus and community wide. Especially on campus, I am looking to reach out to other organizations in order to promote campus-wide UNITY. Also, I look foward to reaching out to other ASA's or other African affiliated student groups through out the state and offerng them the chance to communicate with our organization!
The plentiful crowd for Egbune's vigil included what the Camera estimates as dozens of people inspired to speak about a young man with so much he wanted to accomplish, and the drive to do so.

Here are two more photos of Kenna Egbune.

Kenna Egbune 1.jpg

Kenna Egbune 3.jpg

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Instead of attacking Westword, lets please focus on Kenna, and his family and their loss. This is not a place to criticize and attack something irrelavent to this loss.

Mondo Guerra Fan Page
Mondo Guerra Fan Page

My thoughts and love go out to Kenna's family and friends during this difficult time.


do you have full time staff just googling and facebook stalking those who have recently passed? 

RobertChase topcommenter

 @ispy Died?  Clearly, but why shouldn't Westword write obituaries?  They are popular among survivors of the deceased.


WW's only problem is that there is a savage segment of the readership which in one instance a few months ago so terrorized the dead that WW pulled the post.  This was a story about a young woman who fell to her death at Red Rocks.  I have sold Hemp-I-Scream at Red Rocks, enjoyed the shows, and appreciated this Western testament to the craft of the CCC, but reading the comments on that post showed some vocal regulars vile and despicable people.

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