Photos: Kirsten Steinke and Kallan Stithem before tragic New Zealand honeymoon crash

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Big photos below.
Photos shared on the Facebook pages of CU Foundation staffer Kirsten Steinke and new husband Kallan Stithem depict a fun couple -- a pair who loved good times and going to exotic places like New Zealand, where they traveled for their honeymoon. Let's hope these images of them delighting in each other's company provide small comfort for family and loved ones in the wake of a car crash there that killed Stithem and seriously injured his bride.

According to the Boulder Daily Camera, the two were visiting New Zealand's renowned Waitomo Caves earlier this month when their vehicle was struck by a cement truck. Stithem, a CSU graduate, died at the scene, while Steinke was rushed to a nearby hospital for intensive care treatment so serious that her parents immediately flew to the country to provide support during this terrible time.

The Camera notes that the highway intersection where the accident took place has been the scene of tragedies before -- five crashes, two of them fatal, since 2009.

Here are photos of Steinke and Stithem from the past few years, during infinitely happier times.

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Continue to see more photos of Kirsten Steinke and Kallan Stithem.

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I don't see anything wrong with posting these photographs. They were posted on Facebook accounts whose privacy settings were set to open. The photos really put into perspective how much these two people were attached to each other. They left the wedding intent on a long and happy time together, "till death do us part". Unfortunately, in the blink of an eye - BAM - that end came just five days later. I can only hope and pray that Kirsten is able to overcome not only her physical trauma, but the psychological trauma that undoubtedly this crash has caused for her.


...and i say all this knowing that Roberts certainly intended this as a respectful tribute. and i appreciate that. but your compass is way the f@$! off this week.

friend 1 Like

I know these guys. I also know Michael Roberts. I am appalled that not only did you publish photos of the couple ripped from facebook--you also posted a photo of the woman in a bikini, and over the course of the day, you've changed the show more, it seems.


I'm even more saddened because Michael Roberts is not just any trashy journalist--he's a highly respected media commentator who I love to read. The fact that HE thinks it's OK to do this is a sign that dignity is not a trait that society seems to value any more. At least, not Westword. Roberts not only insults this couple, he diminishes his own credibility as a responsible voice on media practices.


Disgusting. I won't ever, ever pick up another Westword again. 

person 2 Like

Family and friends were able to enjoy these photos before they were taken from Facebook and posted in this "article". It is disconcerting to me that someone would think it appropriate to share these with the general public (who this article is directed to), who did not know the couple, and surely cannot understand the sadness that family and friends are dealing with. One photo would have been sufficient to get the point across that this was a very happy couple.

disgusted 1 Like

you should be ashamed. 

twinningmj 1 Like

Please do not pretend these photos are to cl fort those affected. "Journalism" at it's worst. If these were my friends I would be furious.

Interesting.... 1 Like

I'm sure their family and friends appreciate your "professional journalism" by stealing their facebook pictures without consent. This is rude and disrespectful. 

Insesnsitive 1 Like

Not sure what you were thinking when you decided to post these pictures but you should have thought about it more. Disrepectful and disgusting. Thanks for being insensitive.

---- 2 Like

this is inappropriate and invasive.

whyisthis 1 Like

kinda rude posting these, imo


can we please quit with the facebook stalking as journalism trend, it's pathetic.  If you don't have the skills or the information to write an actual article just let it go.

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