Video: Marijuana legalization animated clip pits Obama, Romney v. Jolly Green Pot Giant

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jolly green weed giant.jpg
Video below.
Prepare to be astonished. Taipei-based Next Media Animation, which specializes in animated news videos, has created a clip about pot legalization measures in the U.S., with a particular focus on our own Amendment 64 -- and it's hilarious, featuring a face-off between Obama, Romney and the Jolly Green Pot Giant, plus a boozy cameo by John Hickenlooper. Check out the results below.

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RobertChase topcommenter

Thanks, Michael.



These Taiwanese animators' understanding of American society and politics clearly is vastly superior to that of most American media corporations' employees, and, based on the fact that the video contains information, one suspects that the Taiwanese are more capable of understanding American society than Americans.  Having seen this video, I am enthusiastic about the prospect of outsourcing all news media to Taipei; whoever finds the angle to outsource American citizenship itself will become richer than Croesus.  Just think -- some diligent person on Taiwan could be learning all the ordinances and statutes under which you live, listening to all the hearings, wading through all the transcripts, and doing all the hard thinking necessary to be an active participant in American government -- so you don't have to!




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