Menage, new swingers' night, scheduled at Jet Hotel in October

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Now that the Sugar House is closed and the Scarlet Ranch has moved to Littleton, there's a void in the Denver swingers' club scene, says promoter Sante Suffoletta. Starting October 5, he hopes to fill it with Friday swingers' nights -- called Menage -- at Jet Hotel & Lounge.

"There's definitely a market in Denver for this," he says.

As evidence of the need for this night, he cites the growing community of folks who attend Burning Man (which he says is rife with "polyamory, kink and fetish"), the popularity of swinging-related reality-TV shows and the theory that "bisexuality, at least for women, seems to be becoming more standard." Says Suffoletta, "I get more and more people talking to me every day about this, and most of them don't know where to go."

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Suffoletta owns In Vision Entertainment and has been hosting swinger events since 2004; he was introduced to the scene when he deejayed for a swinger party. "I really enjoyed the crowd," he says. Since then, he's put on several parties and worked with some of Denver's better-known swing kings, including Scottie Ewing on a recent one-night-only party called the Crimson Ball. Suffoletta says he's always focused on parties rather than a specific club.

"That way, it's new and fresh every week," he says. "In case of the Jet, it'll be weekly but in a place that's normally a hot club and hotel and not a full-time swinger premise."

Menage will cater to both seasoned swingers and curious newcomers, Suffoletta says. "There's a hot, sexy crowd in Denver already that may or may not be swingers," he explains. As for those who are more familiar, he adds, "There's a lot of people that live in Denver that don't necessarily want to drive out to Highlands Ranch or the suburbs to swing.... I keep hearing from people that we need a weekly downtown option and we miss having the Sugar House there. That's our intent, to fill that void."

Suffoletta says Menage will work like this: Jet's downstairs lounge, called the Twenty Nightclub, will host what Suffoletta refers to as "foreplay": sexy music, burlesque dancers, drinks and maybe some making out. Menage will also rent out a hospitality suite on the fourth floor of the hotel "for people who want to get frisky," he says. Attendees are welcome to rent their own hotel rooms on the fourth floor -- which, for the night, will be restricted to Menage invitees only. "Upstairs, people have the option to continue the party however they want," Suffoletta explains. "Most people will get rooms and invite people back to their room to do whatever they want behind closed doors."

Menage will be 21-plus, and you must RSVP or be invited to attend, Suffoletta says. Like most swingers' events, single women and couples are always welcome, but access for single men will be limited. Each Friday night will have a theme, "to keep it fresh," he says.

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So let me get this straight.....I can ( and have) gone to The Jet on a Friday night and it cost me nothing to get in, just my drinks.So now that The Jet is dead on Friday nights, they have asked you to host these meet-n-greets and it now cost me $30 for both me and my girl? I think we will head someplace else!

Rich Katz
Rich Katz

And I will be your

Mitch Siff
Mitch Siff

I'll volunteer to run the video camera..


While I appreciate that there is another party place coming to the Denver area, I think many Burning Man attendees would take exception to his contention that Burning Man is 'rife' with swinging, poly, kink and more. In fact, while there may be a considerable contingent of them there, it is NOT what Burning Man is about and not a lot of that goes on there.


I hope Mayor Hancock enjoys himself.


 @STango the meet and greets are exclusively downstairs. there is still no cover upstairs. we realize this isn't for everyone and we respect that.


 @johnnybferg thanks for the clarification johnny. i'm a veteran burner & agree BM is about WAY more than just kink. that being said, it is definitely there and very available to any who want to explore it -- they have an orgy dome for goodness sake :) i definitely find a lot of crossover with the burner crowd who are kinky or poly in denver. hope that makes sense. thanks for the feedback!

jenna-furrr topcommenter

 @TheSpleen Sir Spleen, I don't think anything I can say here will be funnier than your comment. Well done, Sir.

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