Michael Hancock -- Colorado's biggest loser at the 2012 DNC?

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Michael Hancock.
Denver blog posts served up spicy.

Colorado Pols thinks Michael Hancock's criticism of the Obama campaign at the Democratic National Convention was a boneheaded political move.

Denver PR Blog examines the language of the DNC as depicted in infographic form.

Denver Frank: Smoke meth and hail Satan.

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RobertChase topcommenter

Absolutely perfect!  What a moron the Mayor is, as are all the voters of Denver who decided that he and Romer were the top two candidates.  How Hancock came to imagine that the demand for Romney's tax returns was either inappropriate or politically ineffective, I do not want to know, but he is completely wrong -- Romney's tax returns contain the hard data that prove him a tax-avoiding plutocrat, and the more of them that are released, the better.  I perceive that Romney's refusal to release tax returns as his father did scored some political advantage for the President, but Hancock sought to discredit that minor victory well after it had been won.  Perhaps Hancock thinks Obama will lose and is getting ready to jump ship.  I'd actually like to see him turn Republican, not out of any respect for that fascist party, but because of the consternation it would cause Denver Democrats, who are little better.

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