Michael Hancock has called and texted man planning to sue city, attorney says

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After his friend and aide was accused of sexual harassment, Mayor Michael Hancock sacked him without launching an investigation into the allegations. That's the main argument of Wayne McDonald, who plans to sue the city months after being ousted. But those aren't the only accusations made by McDonald's attorney. She also claims the mayor has personally called and texted McDonald numerous times since his dismissal.

Yesterday, when we asked the mayor to comment on McDonald and the pending lawsuit, he generally declined to comment. However, he did say, "This is someone I've known most of my life and I care about he and his family, so it is very difficult."

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Mayor Michael Hancock answering questions about McDonald back in June.
McDonald is a longtime friend of the mayor; he was appointed as a "special projects coordinator" but fired in May, after allegedly making inappropriate comments in front of a female Denver police officer. His legal team has filed a notice of claim, and plans to file the official lawsuit in the next month or so. In addition, his attorney, Anne Sulton, has also filed an Ethics Board complaint, on view below. Sulton says he asked for an investigation before he was fired, and is now requesting one via the upcoming lawsuit and the ethics complaint.

McDonald, who is seeking more than $362,000, has denied the allegations against him and says he has been unable to find work since losing his job with the city.

When contacted about the mayor's brief comments yesterday, Sulton told us she was surprised Hancock was expressing concern for the family given his and the city's actions.

"Why did you deny his application for unemployment compensation benefits if you care so much about his family?" she said. According to her, the city's not only refusing to give McDonald unemployment compensation, but its representatives are using it as leverage to try and stop him from going forward with the lawsuit.

"The city attorney...says if he walks away, they won't challenge the unemployment compensation," Sulton said. "That's really low."

Sulton couldn't find an e-mail record confirming this charge, but she says people at the city attorney's office have told her multiple times they would not challenge McDonald's application for unemployment under those circumstances.

That's not an option for McDonald, who can't find work because of the nature of the accusations and the impact they have on his reputation, she said.

"Mr. McDonald has to fight to clear his name," she said.

But Denver City Attorney Doug Friednash tells us that under Colorado law, an employee who is terminated for misconduct is not eligible for unemployment benefits. He adds in an e-mail that his "office does not ever comment on settlement negotiations, including whether the parties involved in litigation are even discussing settlement."

But questions of unemployment benefits are not the only concerns Sulton raises when she is asked to respond to the mayor's comments.

"I know that since my client has been fired, [Hancock] has been calling [McDonald] and his wife and sending text messages to my client," she said.

In our brief chat yesterday, Hancock told us he has not spoken to McDonald in a while, and that may be true, Sulton said, pointing out that to the best of her knowledge, McDonald has not responded to any of the mayor's messages.

"I think it's highly inappropriate for the mayor to be calling the man's wife and sending texts to my client," she said.

By Sulton's estimate, the mayor has reached out to McDonald and his family at least three times with texts and calls -- mostly in the immediate aftermath of firing him. When pressed on the matter back in June, Hancock told reporter, "We're still friends." McDonald was Hancock's driver during his campaign, attended college with the mayor and also worked at the Denver Urban League when Hancock was president.

We've reached out this morning to Hancock spokeswoman Amber Miller for any response to these specific accusations about phone messages and texts and will update if we hear back.

Continue for more details on the relationship of McDonald and the police officer, according to the ethics complaint.

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RobertChase topcommenter

Maybe McDonald has some real dirt on Hancock, but more likely Hancock is simply clueless about the consequences of his maneuvers -- any settlement should come directly from the Mayor's pocket; McDonald's entire salary should come from the Mayor's pocket!

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