Mike Coffman jumps on opponent for skipping debate, Joe Miklosi says he never RSVP'd

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Joe Miklosi.
Now who's hiding from voters!

That's part of the message from campaigners for Representative Mike Coffman, who is criticizing challenger Joe Miklosi for not attending a congressional debate on Monday. The attack comes after opponents' accusations that Coffman is unavailable to constituents. But Miklosi's team says he never planned on attending the debate in the first place.

Late yesterday, Coffman's team sent out a "breaking" news press release announcing that Miklosi, the Democratic challenger, is ducking out of the very first debate, organized by the Metro North Chamber and Denver Regional Council of Governments and scheduled for Monday morning. This news, Coffman's team says, is a sign that Miklosi is afraid of debating the issues that matter most to voters.

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Screenshot of Monday event announcement and attendees, without Joe Miklosi.
"He is hiding from his record. He is hiding from voters," says Coffman spokesman Owen Loftus. "The fact is, he does not want to discuss jobs in the economy."

But a spokesman for Miklosi says he was surprised by the last-minute attack, given that he never planned on attending in the first place, due to a scheduling conflict. Likewise, the criticism is completely unmerited, argues Miklosi spokesman Ryan Hobart, considering that there are five more scheduled debates or forums between now and Election Day, including three televised ones.

"They are claiming that we are skipping...the debate," says Hobart. "We never accepted that invitation to that forum, because it didn't work with our schedule."

One thing is clear: The race has gotten increasingly negative and will likely stay that way over the next month. In recent weeks, both sides -- seeking to represent the sixth district, which includes Aurora and features recently redrawn boundaries -- have campaign tactics that seem very focused on attacks.

An official with the Metro North Chamber of Commerce tells us that the organization invited Miklosi, but he never confirmed he would be attending. The event includes four different Congressional districts, and Coffman's team says he is still going to attend, though he won't have anyone to debate.

Hobart says this latest attack is ironic given Coffman's history of hiding from voters.

"For months, people have been trying to meet with him, talk with him, ask him questions, and he's been avoiding them," he says. On Thursday, in fact, advocacy groups [corrected] Progressive Action and Colorado Fair Share held a colorful protest against Coffman captured on video.

Continue for more back and forth attacks and disagreements from the two campaigns.

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when your running for office, if you have to miss anything you do it for a debate. i "liked" this miklosi guy on fb just to see what he has to say and ALL he ever posts are stupid memes bashing coffman with "tea party this and that" bullshit. never anything about what he brings to the table..all why you should not vote for coffman an never any why you should vote for miklosi. then, after i posted comments about it enough, they finally blocked me from commenting. The guys a joke. And frankly his constant bashing of his opponent coupled with a "scheduling conflict" for a debate regarding the office he is running for tells you something about the guy regardless of which side of the 2 party system you subscribe to....

In closing....if you live in his district of Boulder County, vote Jared Polis!! That man is going to be president some day!

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