Photos, video: Missy Franklin as Broncos co-captain, with Gabby Douglas, at VMAs

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missy franklin broncos co captain.jpg
Pics, video below.
Where's Missy Franklin? A better question is, "Where isn't she?"

In the past few days, the five-time Olympic medalist and pride of Regis High School posed with Jessie James and Olympic gymnast Gabby Douglas, attended a national cancer benefit and the MTV Video Music Awards, and served as co-captain at last night's Broncos victory. Photos and videos below.

Franklin's Twitter account offers a guided tour of her amazing week. First up, getting to know Jessie James, country star and Bronco Eric Decker's significant other:

missy franklin jessie james tweet.jpg
missy franklin and jessie james.jpg
Yes, Franklin towers over the diminutive James -- and Douglas, with whom she helped raise funds in the national benefit Stand Up 2 Cancer:

missy franklin standup for cancer tweet.jpg
gabby douglas and missy franklin.jpg
Then there was that trip to the VMAs, accompanied by her cousin:

missy franklin vmas.jpg
missy franklin and cousin zach.jpg
And finally, she got to take the field at the Broncos game, at which twelve Colorado Olympians were honored:

missy franklin olympians tweet.jpg
twelve colorado olympians.jpg
Still, only one of those who came back from London with a medallion got to be Denver's honorary co-captain for Peyton Manning's first real game as a Bronco. Here's a video of Franklin during the coin toss:

Franklin is clearly enjoying the perks of victory -- but she's doing it with such a sunny spirit that envy seems entirely misplaced. The phrase "Couldn't have happened to a nicer person" springs to mind.

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There was a Bronco game Sunday ?

I thought they filled Invesco to honor Missy !!!



She could kill a cop and walk the way shew has been elevated !

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