Photos: Ten Mitt Romney rally-goers on whether he still has a chance to win

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Since Mother Jones shared a video of Mitt Romney saying that 47 percent of the country believe they are victims, national news outlets have covered the fallout and gloom in the campaign, with a steady stream of negative headlines.

On the heels of what some have called a particularly bad week for Romney, we asked ten supporters at the Republican candidate's Jefferson County rally last night if they think he still has a chance to win the key swing state of Colorado.

Libby Szabo, 48, state representative in Arvada

Libby Szabo, Romney rally.JPG
Sam Levin
"More than any videos, I think people are really going to listen to the message and I believe Mitt Romney has the right message for women, for children...and for the future of this country.... I think he needs to keep on message.... A lot of this is the media."

Paul Hudgens, 57, engineering technician

Paul Hudgens, Romney rally.JPG
Sam Levin
"The cake is baked. He's gonna win. [The video] is bullshit. I think the vast majority of Americans understand that the media is against Romney. It's a media-contrived phenomenon."

Continue to find out what more Romney supporters think of the campaign and the media.

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"What he was saying was that 47 percent of the country won't vote for him"

I literately teared up when i read that you printed that quote accurately. Thank you. Very impressive. That is exactly what he was saying.

the hype around that video is familiar. It reminds me of when Sara Palins exact words were "you can see land in Russia from land in Alaska"  and anybody who has ever seen a map would know that that is true! the words got twisted by tina fey into "I can see russia from my backyard" And THATS what everyone believed she said.....Now, some people who just read that will fact check it to see if its true because what she actually said vs. the saturday night live skit was barely shown anywhere EXCEPT fox...and folks.....THAT THAT THAT is the power the pen and the airwaves have over us.. ..If you do not like what you just read in this westword  story, go volunteer for obamas campaign, because .....THAT THAT THATTTTT is the power WE have when educated non objectively!!!!  So that said, Sam, Westword,  again, thank you for going above and beyond.


In what world in the news liberally biased?  Is the top-rated cable news network not Fox?  Is KOA not the biggest talk radio station in the region?  Is there not a Drudge Report for every Huffington Post?


It just goes to show that if you tell a stupid person a lie enough times, he'll eventually repeat it as gospel.


I have to take a huge steaming Mitt

BackOffImStarving topcommenter

 @rockiesfever Non objectively means subjectively, which means you're saying we should be educated with a bias towards one side or the other.  


I'm going to do you a favor.  Here's a link you can click on to see information that will blow all of the other links you've ever posted out of the water.  It might take some reading between the lines, but I'm sure you'll get the point.



michael.roberts moderator editortopcommenter

 @ltjrbf A fair and balanced post, ltjbf. We're going to make it an upcoming Comment of the Day. Thanks.


 @ltjrbf your not seriously saying that fox's media bias does not go the other way with cnn, cnbc, and the vast majority of indi outlets.....come on least say it...we hear about romneys gaffes for days. over and over...meanwhile you probably dont even know who obama appointed to the fda, or how much money he gave to the muslim brotherhood without congress approval. Are you aware of the crimes against women, gays and US citizens the muslim brotherhood is responsible for? are you at all aware of obamas hot mic remark earlier this year? more than likely not...but a 16 year old kid wearing a romney pin cant even tell sam levin he doesnt back obama out of fear of being called a traitor to his generation. the sort of total control obama is taking is exactly what people like "occupiers" have been battling their entire 20's for years. he and the media just mask it so that you all smile and sing along. fox is always the hot topic..why??....cause theyre the only ones who you can find out about obamas bad side from. You have to get informed. Obamas goal is total government control. Wake up

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