Photos: National Renewable Energy Lab's newest facility -- a sneak peek

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ESIF in the context of the surrounding NREL campus
12 ESIF outside.JPG
Sam Levin

Construction workers inside a narrow hallway of the ESIF

14 ESIF construction workers inside.JPG
Sam Levin

Future site of the Energy Storage Laboratory, which will concentrate on the integration of energy storage systems, like battery technologies, with the utility grid

15 ESIF energy storage.JPG
Sam Levin

Benjamin Kroposki, NREL's director of energy systems integration, standing above a laboratory that can be viewed by visitors in a hallway one floor above, designed specifically for tours

16 ESIF benjamin K.JPG
Sam Levin

For more specifics on the different laboratories, NREL has an interactive web feature that allows viewers to take a look inside each section of the new facility and view a map layout of the ESIF.

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