Noel Bertrand found guilty of airport rape despite claiming rough sex

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The alleged rape in a Denver International Airport concourse of a young woman scheduled to interview for a job at a convent was among the most shocking stories of last year -- and now it appears to have a resolution. A jury has convicted Noel Bertrand of the crime, rejecting his claims that the act represented consensual, if notably rough, sex.

In April 2011, as we've reported, the Oregon woman, then 22, was said to have been en route to Illinois when she missed her connecting flight at Denver International Airport -- and because she didn't have enough money to stay at a hotel, she decided to spend the night at DIA.

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Denver International Airport.
While there, the woman subsequently told reporters, she met Bertrand at Chef Jimmy's Italian Bistro and Spirits on Concourse A. Everything seemed fine at first -- but when the bistro closed, she said he followed her down an escalator and asked for a kiss. When she told him no, she asserted that he forced a lip-lock anyway, then lifted her by her own sweat shirt and slammed her to the airport floor before beginning to sexually assault her from behind.

This horror show wasn't over quickly. By her estimate, it continued for ten minutes,and while the actual assault wasn't captured by surveillance footage obtained by CBS4, the video on view below does show custodial workers strolling past the gate in question. One woman can be seen pausing, then moving on. They're said to have alerted security, but two Frontier workers came upon the scene first and intervened before cops arrived. Bertrand's response? He's quoted as saying, "Don't you know the difference between rough sex and fighting?"

Continue to read about Noel Bertrand's trial and see a video featuring the surveillance footage.

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This guy is probably one of those losers who thinks just because he has looks , he thinks for every woman he's already hot shit ( btw his looks are below average). They should place him in life sentence for having the nerve to attempt sexual assault (rape) in a public governmental location in front of other people. no shame. and for tainting the reputation of safety in airports that people used to look upon which is now covered in dirt by his immoral doing making it like a pig sty. that sort of thing is bad for business. pretty soon no one will be flying in the airlines and driving and taking the trains themselves. bad for balance in the community. They should place him in life sentence. I wouldn't be surprised if he has already sexually assaulted alot of other women including children that have gone unreported if he has that much confidence to attempt it in an airport and get away with it through reasoning.. There is no woman out there willing to put on a public show in a public airport. No matter what the cost. No female no matter what age is dumb enough to humiliate herself like that. Even if negotitiated with payment.  They should investigate who else this person has assaulted that had not yet been reported.


Too bad less than 25% of this article is what happened / what was said in the courtroom. And he was found guilty of Class 3 Felony Sexual Assault with Violent Force, not rape. Rape is a "subcategory" if you will, of the sexual assault definition. He was found guilty by a jury of peers; and by all means can appeal that verdict. travesty12; were you there? If not, your personal thoughts on what Mr. Bertrand is or isn't is rather irrelevant.


This was a travesty of Justice!!!  Noel is NOT a rapist.


 @TruthWillSetYouFree Sexual assault is a broader term which also includes rape as well as other sexual offenses. Rape usually refers to specifically unconsented, unwanted sexual intercourse, which is included in the Class 3 Felony Assault AND it also includes violent acts, kissing, sodomy, oral and numerous sexual acts. I think they've got it covered. Also, there are only 4 classes of sexual assault in CO. Class 1 being a misdemeanor and Class 4 being the the most serious offense. He has nothing to be proud of and your attempt to minimize his deeds are lame at best. 


@SugarAndSpice @TruthWillSetYouFree 

agree with SugarAndSpice. Dear TruthWillSetYouFree, why?? where you also there?? to be sure of what you're saying??? to minimize his deeds? where you there?? so don't ask people if they were there. the report o f what happened is based on professional news reporters and interviewers who came along way with their jobs and proof of credentials. In this case or in any case at all, it is important to always first believe the victim, (and check for motive of report) no one would waste their time of reporting humiliation like this of 'being touched' in front of other people in a public airport. (what does the victim get out of it.? for humiliating herself like that and reporting what happened.) That's public humiliation on her part just to report it. And no motive other than honesty. and warning for the safety of others. I agree with Sugar and Spice. Your attempts to minimize his deeds are lame.

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