Occupy Denver: A photo guide to the national movement's one-year anniversary

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Big photos below.
Occupy Denver took the city by storm last year. Six days after Occupy Wall Street's September 17 launch in New York, the local branch placed its finger on the city's political pulse. In the twelve months since then, the movement gained a reputation for sound, fury and controversy as it turned its attention to local and national politics. Much of that attention has died down, but now is a good time to revisit it: On the one-year anniversary of Occupy Wall Street, see photos spotlighting some of the most important moments in Occupy Denver's history.

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Brandon Marshall
Slide show: Fuck the Police Rally

occupy history 2.jpeg
Courtesy of Kendra Kellogg
Video, photos: Four Occupy Denver protesters arrested for robbery

occupy history 3.jpeg
Courtesy of Kendra Kellogg
Urban camping: Occupy Denver protests precede council vote on ban

occupy history 4.jpeg
Kelsey Whipple
Occupy Denver's latest eviction ends in flames, arrests and Tebowing

occupy history 5.jpeg
Brandon Marshall
Slide show: Police Move in on Occupy Denver Camp

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Civic Center Park

Broadway and Colfax Ave., Denver, CO

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Those guys were so cute.  I'm sure glad that my life as one of the 99% is much improved.  At least the grass in Civic Center Park got a nice upgrade out of the whole thing.  Seriously, they did help the economy; all the overtime that the cops got paid I'm sure got circulated right back into purchases of goods and services.  Maybe some of it will trickle down to the occupiers!



We should all be grateful for the change brought on by these people that came from them sitting around on the streets like the bums that they are. They really made a difference.......NOT!

CHARGES  of sex assault, theft, robbery, assault, and of course...public intoxication among others is about all that came out of this "movement" if you want to call it that. I think it was just another excuse for these people to put off finding a job

RobertChase topcommenter

 @NotWoofka You never were paying attention -- the City did not competently repair the damage to the sod and the irrigation system it did by allowing DPD to constantly drive through Civic Center Park to intimidate Occupy Denver, with the result much of water supposed to be irrigating the new sod has pooled around broken sprinkler heads.  A large patch of sod near the Greek Amphitheater has been drowned.  The City has put up four large signs warning people of arrest if they set foot on the grass on a Monday or a Tuesday at the corners of  Broadway Terrace, but the motorcycle cops driving through the Parks tell me that there is no legal basis to charge people who violate this arbitrary stricture.  The City and the Civic Park Conservancy like to talk about their concern for the Park, but they cannot be bothered to notice that broken sprinklers are ruining supposed improvements paid for our of Better Denver bond money!

RobertChase topcommenter

 @rockiesfever Your police department amassed a force of ~175 cops in full riot gear to take down a canopy where free food was being distributed, filed a huge succession of false criminal charges, committed numerous assaults, deliberately acted under color of law to suppress civil rights, and perjured themselves -- and you think this was about an "excuse for these people to put off finding a job"!  Is most of Denver so zombified?


 @RobertChase What change did it bring? what good did all that bullshit accomplish? Oh all the sudden you need a nationwide movement of sitting in streets to feed homeless? where are those homeless feeders now?  The cops came out like they did because of ....drumroll.....tresspassing. So are you saying that was what it was about? Getting the cops to do their jobs?

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