Photos: Peyton Manning's tribute corn maze is amazing -- but John Elway got one first

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peyton manning corn maze.jpg
Yes, Peyton Manning has been immortalized in corn, thanks to the LaSalle-based Fritzler family, whose elaborate corn mazes have been a Colorado tradition for a dozen years. The Peyton maze opens to visitors tomorrow (click here for more details) -- but longtime Fritzler fans know he wasn't the first Bronco to have an a-maze-ing transformation. See details below.

A page on the Frizler's website traces the history of the mazes, complete with images of each year's masterpiece. Here are those shots, complete with descriptions from the timeline.

Appropriately enough, the Fritzler's inaugural maze, in 2000, saluted the Broncos....

fritzler maze 2000.jpg
...while the 2001 version did likewise, sort of.

fritzler maze 2001.jpg
The 2002 maze, created post-9/11, struck a patriotic theme.

fritzler maze 2002.jpg
Then, in 2003, the family got personal, lauding John Elway several years after he retired, and one year before he was officially inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

fritzler maze 2003.jpg
The 2004 maze is among the most ambitious the Fritzlers have attempted -- a recreation of the World War II flag-raising on Iwo Jima.

fritzler maze 2004.jpg
Different kinds of heroes were spotlighted by the 2005 maze: Elvis Presley and Ray Charles.

fritzler maze 2005.jpg
Continue to see the most recent mazes, plus a video of the Peyton Manning version.

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