Pit bull saved after petition drive has previous bite record, police say

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Yesterday, we told you the story of Dre, a pit bull reunited with his family in Brighton months after he was threatened with euthanizing following an incident in which he reportedly showed aggression but didn't bite anyone; more than 68,000 people signed a petition demanding that he be saved. We've now heard from the Brighton Police Department, whose spokesman rebuffs criticism aimed at police in the case and says Dre has a record of a previous bite.

We've included the entire original post, featuring an interview with the Animal Law Center's Jennifer Edwards and photos of Dre, owner Mary O'Brien and the rest of the family. But here's a brief recap.

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Dre, on the right, with a couple of loved ones.
In July, Dre and another dog -- a Doberman-Rottweiler mix -- slipped away from a Brighton home. While loose, they're said to have barked at and shown aggressive behavior toward a number of people before being corralled by local authorities. Afterward, the Doberman-Rottweiler mix was released but Dre remained in custody, allegedly because his actions were deemed potentially violent. According to O'Brien, Brighton representatives pressed for Dre to be euthanized, but after a court hearing, plus negotiations and positive analyses of the dog by two behaviorists, she pleaded guilty to one of the five original counts against her. As part of the agreement, Dre was allowed to go home, with the court scheduled to evaluate his progress with a trainer over the next two or three months.

Along the way, a Dre supporter among the thousands who signed the petition said a Brighton police officer with whom she communicated claimed the dog was dead or soon would be. Edwards told us an inquiry into this assertion was ordered -- something confirmed by John Bradley, the Brighton police's public-information officer. "There was an investigation conducted into a single allegation that someone had made a comment about the dog being dead to one of the people who called," he says, "but that was determined to be unfounded." The department considers the matter to be resolved.

Edwards also suggested that even though Brighton doesn't have breed-specific legislation targeting pit bulls, a bias against the animals might have been a factor in Dre being held while the other dog was released, as well as the call for euthanizing. But Bradley rejects these statements, noting that the community's three animal control officers "argued that the city council not approve breed-specific legislation when it was proposed several years ago."

Bradley sees this stance as evidence that the officers aren't prejudiced against the breed -- and observing their fondness for animals of every description while watching them at work further convinces him that claims of an anti-pit attitude are unfounded. Likewise, he rejects allegations that the city didn't properly address Dre's medical needs (he has dermatitis that requires a special diet, regular baths and more) when he was in the city shelter. As soon as the owner brought the food Dre required in sealed containers, as required by the shelter's guidelines, the dog was given it, he says.

As for Dre's past run-ins with the law, Edwards mentioned an incident in which he and another dog may have chewed up a Crocs sandal after a man in search of an errant volleyball leaped into the yard containing them. But Bradley shares word of another report -- one that doesn't fit the description above and involved a "previous bite," he says.

Continue reading for more about the reported Dre biting incident.

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csunbean like.author.displayName 1 Like

The First Public event for victims of Pitbulls & other dangerous dogs. Victims are coming to the FREE EVENT  from across the USA and Canada.    "Mellie" and the members of her support group have rented a park, hired on-site security and brought in two lives bands, and a food vendor along with several national speakers on the issue of dangerous dogs, including Tony Solesky and Colleen Lynn of Dogsbite.org.  We will start the party with a Walk to honor victims of pitbulls at 12 Noon in Lincoln Park,4325 South Pantano Rd, Tuscon, Az 85730 on October 27th, 2012.  Churches, and business groups are welcome to come out and support victims or sponsor a victim to come out to the event to help raise awareness and show support. We kick off the event with a short walk at Noon and  we will carry   posters of victims that cannot attend due to the severity of their injuries, or due to the fact that they were killed by a pitbull.   DOGS ARE PROHIBITED AT THE EVENT.  First responders will entertain kids and a playground is onsite.  The Free event will run until 7 p.m. http://walkforvictimsofpitbulls.blogspot.com/



mom2cairns like.author.displayName like.author.displayName 2 Like

OMG... he's going to go for a GCC certificate.... if you KNEW how easy that is to get, and what a real joke it is for these dogs, you would be SO unimpressed.... This dog needs to be fenced in with a lean in cant and sally port gates....

mom2cairns like.author.displayName 1 Like

I don't believe that you can reliably trust a 'pit bull type' of dog.... they have a genetic switch that can not be predicted by any sort of test.  They have proven that time and time and time again.

omahagirlygirl like.author.displayName 1 Like

The American Temperament Testing Society (ATTS.org)  is probably going to be the most reputable,unbiased, reliable and factual source you can find regarding APBT, Staffordshire Terriers, etc. Year after year, the American Pit Bull Terrier has consistently scored higher then the average (83% score)  in being of a sound mind and temperament (beating out most of the other popular breeds.)   


 @omahagirlygirl Thank you for trying to bring logic into this, there is just something that prevents ignorant, hysteria-prone people to from having the ability to look at themselves and accept responsibility for their actions, and to realize which animal species would be the first to become extinct thanks to their straw man reasoning, 

mike1927 like.author.displayName 1 Like

 @omahagirlygirl Well you see what we have to deal with mom2cairns,csunbean,macawluver. What I get out of there comments is inbreeding is alive and well in there family tree. Thanks for the post .


 @omahagirlygirl  Now your talking crazy don't bring up true facts mom2cairns has a Phd and facts are garbage to her she is smarter than all the people on all the web sites around the world and if you think I'm lying just ask her.



 LOL  ATT test is a test that rewards aggressive dogs and is owned and admiinistered by pitbull advocates. Sort of like going to a dynamite dealer to get certification that dynamite is  safe. Hello.. The ATT test is not unbiased or impartial so it is not credible test.

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