Pusher BMX has ten bikes stolen: Employees encounter alleged thieves -- twice

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Big photos below.
Earlier this month, thieves broke into a Denver bike shop at night and successfully stole ten BMX bikes, worth around $4,000 total.

The owner of the Evans Avenue shop, called Pusher BMX, was pissed to discover the damage the next day. But that wasn't the worst moment of frustration. Since the break-in, the owner and employees have not once, but twice encountered the alleged thieves walking around Denver with the stolen bikes.

Despite these two encounters, they've still been unable to recover the bikes and the Denver Police Department hasn't announced any arrests.

stolen pusher bike example.jpg
Courtesy of Clayton Brown
Photo of a Tom Dugan bike, one of the kinds of bikes that was stolen.
Late on September 5, explains Clayton Brown, owner of Pusher BMX, which touts itself as Colorado's only rider-owned and -operated BMX shop, thieves broke through the shop's window and were able to steal ten new 2013 BMX bikes.

"They broke the window around 9 p.m. and then had free rein in there," Brown says.

The thieves managed to remove ten bikes, all through the window, which Brown says probably would've taken a fairly long time, since they could really only move one bike at a time.

Brown discovered the mess the next day when he arrived to open up the shop at noon. There was a note on the door from the Denver Police Department alerting him to what was immediately obvious: The shop had been burglarized.

"The store was pretty trashed...the window bashed out," he says. "They also stole small items here and there...shop hats."

He adds: "Things were just thrown down. The back of the building was trashed."

On top of that, the shop's alarm system completely failed.

Continue to read more about the Pusher BMX bike theft and encounters with suspected thieves.

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i will fuck the asshole's responsible for ripping off the finest bmx shop in denver. support pusher!

RobertChase topcommenter

The DPD is short-staffed; they cannot discharge vital functions such as harassing visitors to Civic Center Park and illegally citing people for possession of cannabis if they are investigating cases of grand theft instead.

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