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This week, Broncos coaches John Fox and Jack Del Rio were hit with a cumulative $55,000 fine for criticizing NFL replacement referees. Fortunately, the same penalty hasn't been assessed on Twitter users, since it seems as if the majority of recent tweets have been ripping on gaffes in high-profile games like Monday's Green Bay Packers debacle. Look below to see our ten favorites, from the likes of LeBron James, Chris Rock and...Peyton's Head.

Number 10

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Number 9

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Continue to see more of our top ten tweets ripping the replacement refs.

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Julie Miller
Julie Miller

I don't think any fines should have ever been handed down. The refs are awful. What people don't understand is these replacement refs are not even the next best refs available, those guys are working within the college system. These are even below that, most have never refed professionally. Now that the Packers fans are bitching and complaining, we will see Rodger Goddell get his butt in gear and get something done. We sure wouldn't want to upset the Packer fans.

Mannick D Pres-Saint
Mannick D Pres-Saint

Doesn't matter if they're replacements. Rules are rules. No roughing the zebra stripes. Bill Bellicose should be fined double what Fox is getting for actually placing his grubby paws on the refs. As for the Packer bandwagoners (and I'm sure there are aplenty around these parts), face it: they STUNK Monday night. People are only looking at the final play, willfully omitting all of the bad calls that went in favor of the Packers in the 2nd half and thus, kept them in the game (Seattle incurred more penalties than GB). Of course, we cannot let cold hard facts get in the way of a good ole fashioned Internet Outrage campaign.


Green Bay mayor Jim Schmitt has lodged a complaint with the NFL commissioner over the Packers' controversial loss. "I am writing to express my disappointment and displeasure," Schmitt wrote in a letter Tuesday to NFL commissioner Roger Goodell. "... One of the greatest things about the NFL is how a small community team like the Green Bay Packers can exist and succeed in the NFL despite large-market teams," Schmitt continued. "The Packers are in a position to succeed, in part because of this community and the historical integrity of the league. Unfortunately, last night's game creates a negative perception of the NFL brand, which in turn jeopardizes the Packers' chance for success as well as the potential to negatively affect our local economy."disappointment and displeasure," Schmitt wrote in a letter Tuesday to NFL commissioner Roger Goodell.

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