Rickey Servine, private probation worker, accused of violent sex assault on client

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rickey servine mug shot.jpg
Rickey Servine, Jr. has been charged with sexual assault and false imprisonment for "violently and aggressively" assaulting a female client of Rocky Mountain Offender Management Systems in Aurora, according to Officer Frank Fania, spokesman for the Aurora police. Servine, 35, worked for the company, known as RMOMS -- which provides private probation services for mostly first-time DUI offenders and was the subject of our recent cover story "Blow Back."

According to Fania, the female client was being supervised by RMOMS, though the police don't believe Servine was the victim's direct case manager. She met Servine on August 27, when she visited the RMOMS office in Aurora and he struck up a conversation with her. When she returned the next day to complete some unfinished business, Servine initiated another interaction and offered to walk her out.

In the stairwell, Servine "violently and aggressively assaulted her," Fania says. When the victim reported what happened to the Aurora police, Servine's name was familiar. Fania says the cops investigated him for a sexual assault in 2003, but he was never charged because the victim in that case stopped cooperating with the police.

"Because of that, we're thinking there may be more victims out there," Fania says.

rickey survine facebook photo.jpg
A photo from Survine's Facebook.
9News is also reporting that Servine was tried for sexual assault in Georgia in 1999 but was found not guilty.

A search of local traffic court records turns up a Rickey Survine, Jr. who fits the description of Servine, suggesting he may spell his last name multiple ways. Facebook and MySpace pages for a Rickey Survine, Jr. of Aurora also appear to feature photos of the Servine in question.

The Aurora police are asking any other victims of Servine to come forward. Those with information are encouraged to call Detective John Wilton at (303) 739-6065.

Westword left a message for Dan Beeck, the owner of RMOMS, to ask if he has any comment. We'll update this blog post if and when we hear back.

Here's a larger version of Servine's mug shot.

ricky servine mug shot.jpg
Rickey Servine, Jr.
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I am also one to join the same school and graduated with him in October. I was so shocked because he was a "great student" lol according to the is so scary to see this man all over the news, I can't say I was shocked I always knew there was something weird about this guy. All I can say is I'm so happy to see him where he's at, I sit back and think it could have been me, we sat and conversated for hours and to think he did some stupid shit at his job he easily could have done it at school...WHAT A PIECE OF SHIT!


It's kind of sad to think I was sitting in class with this guy, receiving the same education to better myself and be a positive influence on the community I live in! He has always been very opinionated, when it came to his beliefs....but I never would have thought, in a thousand years, that he would be the one to end up flashing across the news for not only one instance of assault, but for atleast  10 years worth of taboo behavior on record.


Probation should never be outsourced, it should cost the g'ment money. If they are so inclined to continued these over-zealous dui law's (especially for first time offenders) then the g'ment should be willing to ante up the money...I've grown so tired off all the little shitty businesses that have cropped up because of dui laws...CLOSE RMOMS... With RMOMS you pay out of pocket for your own probation!!!... Ridiculous...


Will there be a follow up feature story on this? The clients have many stories to tell. They deserve to be treated with dignity and respect, whether they are in legal trouble or not! They most certainly should not be exploited in any way.

RobertChase topcommenter

What good is a criminal injustice system that delivers those guilty of minor offenses into the clutches of predatory corporations employing sexual predators?


His salary was paid by and why ?????


Yet another display of how horrendous RMOMS is as an organization. I had personal experiences with them taking money and not having offenders take drug tests and other monitored sobriety, but those comments were moderated out of the earlier cover story. I wonder why that is.


RMOMS is a corrupt profit-driven company, but hell, who cares about offenders? Obviously they're in the 'system' for a reason, amiright? /sarcasm


 @joycelsmith Hi Joyce, I would be interested in speaking with RMOMS clients about their experiences. Please pass along my number: (303) 293-3583. Thanks!

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