Rollin Oliver: Read probable cause statement of Officer Celena Hollis's accused killer

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Rollin Oliver.
Update: We've obtained the probable cause statement in Denver Police Officer Celena Hollis's death. See it below earlier coverage.

Original post, 6:59 p.m. September 13: Rollin Oliver, accused of murdering Denver Policewoman Celena Hollis, admitted to officers that he fired at least two shots on June 24 in City Park, and a bullet found at the scene bearing Hollis's DNA matches Oliver's gun, a detective testified in court today.

Oliver, 21, reportedly told police he fired his gun because he was being chased by several people whom he believed to be Crips gang members.

Despite his attorney's argument that Oliver was simply trying to defend himself, a judge found probable cause that he committed first-degree murder and ordered him to be held in jail without bond.

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A portrait of Celena Hollis.
Today's hearing revealed many new details about what happened the day Hollis was shot. She was off-duty, providing security at City Park Jazz, when she responded to a fight that broke out just after the music ended at 8 p.m. According to Denver Detective Jamie Castro, the only person to testify, details as to how many people were involved or how many had guns differs, as do descriptions of what the shooter was wearing.

The police arrested Oliver as he was fleeing the park, Castro said. In his waistband, they found a .40 caliber Ruger handgun. In addition to the bullet that killed Hollis, four shell casings found in the park match the gun Oliver was carrying. They were found about eighty yards from where Hollis fell. As for what happened to the other bullets, the police found one in the ground, one in the roof of the City Park Pavilion and fragments of a fourth that suggest it hit something and shattered.

When Oliver was interviewed about two hours later, he was upset and crying, Castro said. He told police that he'd gone to the park with a friend. Oliver said he brought his gun because he knew there was a possibility of trouble, though he wasn't anticipating any. Castro testified that Oliver said he was carrying his gun "with one in the chamber."

Once at the park, Castro said Oliver told police that he and his friend were confronted by a group of people he assumed were Crips gang members, and they beat his friend badly. Oliver ran away, and as he did, he said he fired over his shoulder. Later in the interview, Castro said Oliver changed his story to say he turned sideways to shoot.

When asked if he knew he'd likely hit somebody, Castro testified that Oliver said he did.

Continue reading for responses from Oliver's defense attorney and the probable cause statement.

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Adam Hester
Adam Hester

By give any information, I mean testify

Adam Hester
Adam Hester

If the evidence must make you guilty, then the officer's DNA on a bullet fired from his gun is pretty damning evidence. Questions of vicinity are convoluted by the fact that there's only one witness so far who will give any information.

Josh Bradley
Josh Bradley

So you're saying he managed to shoot her from 80 yards and be in the immediate vicinity at the same time? Sounds reasonable. Im not saying he's not a POS but the evidence must make you guilty, not juror emotions.

Stephen At Half Aspen
Stephen At Half Aspen

8 or 80 yards, makes no difference. The guy's a worthless mongrel willing to risk anyone's life firing into a crowd. Put him down like a dog. He's no better.


"Hollis's booking photo".. is probably Oliver's booking photo. 


My condolences to the family and friend of Officer Hollis.. this is a senseless tragedy.It appears the Westword has taken more notes then the rest of the Colorado media.


But I have more-


1.) How did they know he was the shooter at the scene? Did he give himself up?

2.) If his friend was the only one to get beat up, why is he beat up in the mug shot?

2.) With a hip injury, how exactly was he fleeing the scene? He can't run...

3.) Did he have a permit for the gun or not?

4.) Just because you live in gang territory, does that make automatically makes you a gang member? 


Everyone deserves to tell their story BEFORE they are convicted.





All they need is a bat .

They'll get a confession .....

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