Video: South Park lampoons refs, Broncos, NFL in "Sarcastaball"

sarcastaball south park.jpg
Video below.
As usual, South Park's timing is impeccable. As the replacement refs debacle was finally being resolved, last night's season premiere, "Sarcastaball," featured satirical jabs at the NFL, officiating, commissioner Roger Goodell, the Broncos, Peyton Manning and the Denver cheerleaders, re-dubbed the Whoopdy-Bleeping-Doo Girls. Get a taste of the hilarity in the clip and preview below, and watch the full episode here.

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As much as I hate to admit , our local comedy heroes have fallen to 2nd place ,

far behind the TRUE leader , Mr. Seth McFarland . It's almost as is they have

found Jesus or something ....

Talina Ann Smith
Talina Ann Smith

Whoopdy-Bleeping-Doo Girls...haha, beats my name for them.

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