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Back in June, we shared a collection of the ten best Colorado hikes, culled from our Best of Denver archive. Now, for those of you who prefer two wheels to two feet (at least some of the time), here's a batch of best bike rides selected by our writers over the years, featuring links and the original text from the awards. Check out our top ten below -- and then start pedaling.

10: Washington Park

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The Washington Park neighborhood offers one of the best assets to urban cyclists looking for a good workout: a 2.27-mile perimeter around its lush, lake-filled recreation area. The two-lane track, bordered by the picturesque 'hood, works for all skill levels of cyclists, from the extreme amateur looking for an afternoon jaunt on a cruiser to the seasoned veteran looking to increase stamina and endurance. For safety's sake, speed is limited to fifteen miles per hour (although it's often ignored), as the park also packs in walking families, runners and rentable pedal-powered cars. And for those biking in, Wash Park is easily accessible from the Platte River path coming from the south or the Cherry Creek path that runs along Speer Boulevard.
Best Park for Cycling -- 2012

9: High Grade Road, Littleton to Conifer

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Colorado Triple Crown
Serious road bikers ride a fine line between simple masochism and insanity. Colorado hosts several full-day rides for the certifiable (the Triple Bypass, or Denver to Aspen), but if you are simply looking for a three-hour (or so) ride that will cause you acute pain, this one can't be beat. Begin at Chatfield State Park on South Wadsworth Boulevard. Head west into the foothills on Deer Creek Canyon Road. Turn left at Phillipsburg (which consists of an abandoned gas station). The road starts out easy enough, but soon turns into a series of killer switchbacks, climbing up what will seem to you like a sheer cliff. When you reach the top of this, you're not even close to done. Stay straight as the road turns into Pleasant Park Road. This climbs steadily (and, apparently, forever) into Conifer. From there it's finally all downhill: Barrel down Route 73, fly down North Turkey Creek Road to South Turkey Creek Road, and complete the vicious circle with a left turn back onto Deer Creek Canyon Road.
Best road-bike ride on which to burst your lungs -- 2000

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Kay Kerns Forgey
Kay Kerns Forgey

Aundra Thompson, I've ridden High Grade Road a couple of times and what they say in this article is so true!!! It's hard, but oh, so fun!!! Thanks for posting this! :)

Kelly Thompson
Kelly Thompson

Mostly mountain bikes. How about urban on road best paths?


Being now crippled , I can't touch the surface of explaining how much I miss being able to ride .

This is about all I can say about the matter before having to excuse myself , due to my failing to keep the emotions under control when faced w/ the subject .

I walk Clyde at least 6 miles per day & if you've ridden North Denver or around Pierce and Wads , you have certainly seen the 1-legged man & is HUGE Rottie named Clyde . I watch w/ envy and sadness as everyone rides by , most at least wave . More appreciated  than they could ever know. I miss it FAR more than driving !


@denverwestword Makes me want to ride right now!


When I first started reading this, I thought the title "Ten Best of Denver bike rides" was a bit of a stretch.  Front Range would have been a better description of the geographic area.  But then the Monarch Crest trail threw the whole thing out of whack.  That trail (great though it is) is not even close to Denver or the Front Range! 


BTW - that picture of Left Hand Canyon is clearly not the road ride up Left Hand.  I would like to know where it is though because it looks pretty sweet...

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