Tom Tancredo endorses marijuana-regulation Amendment 64

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Tom Tancredo.
Denver blog posts are on point.

Colorado Pols on the reasons why former gubernatorial candidate and immigration reformer Tom Tancredo is supporting Amendment 64, the Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol Act.

Denver PR Blog: Sprocket celebrates Park(ing) Day.

Things to Do in Denver When You're Dead Broke notes that despite the Rockies' (latest) loss yesterday, you can still cash in with a Taco Bell deal. And that's not to mention the Outback bloomin' onion!

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Vote YES on Amendment 64.


Melvin Sembler has donated  $150,000 to "Smart Colorado" in an attempt to keep marijuana illegal.  Sembler, a Florida State Co-Chair for Romney’s finance committee ran a chain of teen drug "rehab" clinics (Straight, Inc) that had a track record of extreme abuse.  This abuse included kids being thrown against walls, held against their will, kidnapped, restrained in leg irons, forced into servitude, and raped."

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